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SunTrust business bank account could be perfect for your company if you're near their If you're a small business owner in the southeast. Account Review SunTrust Bank SunTrust's Select Savings Account has a minimum 3 Hold a SunTrust Mortgage with SurePay Hold a linked small business BUILD. SunTrust Business Online and Mobile makes business banking easy with cash. suntrust small business banking

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SunTrust Small Business Banking

SunTrust has a selection of business checking accounts and cash management solutions that can help you manage your finances securely and conveniently.

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SunTrust Business Online

SunTrustBusiness Online

Small Business Checking Account – SunTrust

Your business keeps you pretty busy, but the good news is there’s an easy way to manage your accounts anytime. SunTrustBusiness Online* is your comprehensive small business cash management system. See your checking accounts in one consolidated view, make transfers between accounts and more.

Simple Business Checking Account

Best Banks for Small-Business Checking 2021

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Published on November 10, 2021

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Last Updated: 1 week ago

BlueVine is back to suntrust small business banking as usual, which means it’s also back in our number-one spot. We do need to point out that BlueVine lowered the interest rate on its accounts from 1% to 0.6%. But that’s still a great rate. Between that and everything else BlueVine has to offer, it remains our favorite business checking account.

Updated: 3 weeks ago

We’ve added Kabbage to our rankings as our new top bank for business checking. It’s displacing BlueVine, which has temporarily stopped extending new bank accounts. Once BlueVine resumes normal banking, we’ll update this article and our rankings.

Updated: several months ago

Azlo, our favorite checking account for freelancers, has begun shutting down (a disappointing loss). We’ve removed it from our recommendations and added Novo (another online bank) to our top five instead. 

And what if you’re looking for Azlo bank alternatives? Unfortunately, none of our remaining picks offer the same excellent freelancing features Azlo did (like free, easy invoicing). So while we’ve still got some great choices for fee-free checking, we’ll be on the lookout for a bank that can more completely fill the hole Azlo is leaving behind.

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Checking out your checking account options? Then you’ll love our rankings of the best banks for small-business checking.

Below, we’ve identified which banks have the best checking and what makes them stand out. We’ve chosen these banks based on their account offerings, banking fees, availability, customer reviews, and other key factors.

We found that BlueVine offers the suntrust small business banking small-business checking overall, thanks to the lack of almost any fees, a great interest rate, and the ease of use.

But let’s take a look at all your best checking account choices.

2021’s best small-business checking accounts

Compare the top small-business checking accounts



Lowest monthly fee

Min. opening deposit

Free transactions per month

Get a Bank Account

BlueVineOnline$0$0UnlimitedApply Now
KabbageOnline$0$0UnlimitedApply Now
NBKC BankOnline$0$0UnlimitedApply Now
Small Business Ace hardware lexington tn Now

Axos Bank





Apply Now

Data effective 11/18/21. At publishing time, rates, fees, and requirements are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.

Delivering Business Advice Directly to You

Choosing the right small-business checking account

To choose the best checking account for your business, you’ll www regions online banking to consider a few key factors.

First, think about features. If you prefer in-person banking, for example, you’ll want to check out how many branches are near you. If you plan to withdraw lots of cash, you’ll care more about ATM density. You might also care about customer service (what hours you can contact support and how you can get in touch) or other products a suntrust small business banking offers (like credit cards, business loans, and merchant services).

And if you use a certain accounting software or credit card processing service, you should make sure your bank account will integrate with it.

Basic business checking account features


With pretty much any checking account, you’ll get a free debit card. You should also get access to both online and mobile banking.

You should also look for these common fees:

  • Monthly service fees
  • Transaction fees
  • Deposit fees
  • Overdraft fees
  • ATM fees

See if you get a certain number of free transactions, free cash deposits, or reimbursed ATM fees. (Most online banks offer unlimited transactions for free. Most brick-and-mortar banks have a transaction limit, after which you have to pay.)

And remember, most banks have an option to waive your monthly maintenance fees. In some cases, you have to maintain a certain minimum balance requirement or make a certain number of transactions. Of course, if that’s too much hassle, you can just go with a bank that doesn’t charge monthly fees.

Ultimately, how much you prioritize cheap fees over ATM locations will depend on how you bank. But these criteria should give you a good starting point.

BlueVine: Best overall small-business checking account

BlueVine offers the best small-business checking account we’ve found.

That’s partially because, like Kabbage, BlueVine checking accounts earn interest on balances of less than $100,000. And while BlueVine’s rates are lower than Kabbage’s (0.6% rather than 1.1%), they’re still super competitive when compared with the suntrust small business banking at other banks. Plus, like Kabbage, BlueVine offers free business checking, so you don’t have to make a minimum deposit to get an account, you won’t pay a monthly maintenance fee, you won’t have to maintain a minimum balance, and you don’t have to worry about transaction fees or other common banking fees.

BlueVine has other key advantages too. For example, BlueVine makes it very easy suntrust small business banking deposit cash at any Green Dot location (often found in Walmarts, Walgreens, and other stores) for a small fee. And BlueVine gives you free checkbooks when you open an account. As you can see, it’s just an all-around solid checking account.

With all that, it’s easy to see why we say BlueVine has the best business checking account for most business owners.


Pro BulletInterest-bearing checking
Pro BulletEasy cash deposits
Pro BulletAvailability in 50 states


Con BulletNo interest on balances $100,000
Con BulletNo branch locations

Kabbage: Highest interest rate

Like the idea of making money with your checking account? Then let’s talk about Kabbage’s interest-bearing checking.

Kabbage checking accounts earn interest on most account balances (as long as they’re below $100,000). So you get money simply for having money sitting in your bank account―no work required on your part.

Now, Kabbage isn’t the only bank to offer interest-bearing checking (BlueVine, for example, does it too). But Kabbage does have the highest interest rate we’ve found for a business checking account. It lets you earn 1.1% APY (annual percentage yield)―almost double what even BlueVine gives you―so you can really maximize your earnings.

And don’t worry―Kabbage won’t cancel out your savings with big fees. Kabbage doesn’t have a monthly fee, transaction fees, or most other usual banking fees. So you’ll get to keep all those dollars you earn.

So if you’re ready for a checking account that pays you back, give Kabbage a close look. 


Pro BulletNo-fee online checking
Pro BulletInterest-bearing checking accounts
Pro BulletNationwide availability


Con BulletChecking accounts only
Con BulletNo interest on balances above $100,000

NBKC Bank: Best personal accounts

Ever feel like you have too many accounts with too many companies? NBKC Bank can help you cut through the (account) clutter with its business and personal bank accounts.

See, NBKC is the rare bank that has both a great business checking account bremen germany a great personal checking account. (None of the banks above even offer personal banking.) Both accounts come free, with no monthly fees or transaction fees.

To make things even better, the business checking account lets you add on a free money market savings account, which comes with a competitive interest rate. And the personal checking account happens to earn interest too (also at a very competitive rate). Just note that NBKC has some of the more limited support hours out there, so it might be the best choice if you regularly do nighttime banking.

Even so, NBKC’s personal and business accounts make it a great bank for people who want to keep things simple―and in the same place.


Pro BulletBusiness and personal accounts
Pro BulletFree business money market add-on
Pro BulletAvailable in 50 states


Con BulletMediocre customer reviews
Con BulletLimited support hours

Small Business Bank: Fastest account approval

Can’t wait several days to get approved for a checking account? Go with Small Business Bank.

Small Business Bank brags that it usually approves accounts either the day you apply or the day after. (Many other banks admit their process can take days or even weeks.) And even if Small Business Bank ends up requiring a little extra paperwork from you, it has nice, long customer support hours―giving you time to get everything in.

And don’t worry―Small Business Bank has more than account-opening speed going for it. It’s also quite affordable, since Small Ally order debit card Bank doesn’t charge a monthly service charge or any transaction fees on its checking account (though unlike truly fee-free banks, you may encounter an nonsufficient funds fee or an incoming wire fee).

Why wait around to get approved? With Small Business Bank, you could have free business checking this time tomorrow.


Pro BulletSame-day account approval
Pro BulletLong customer support hours
Pro BulletAvailability in 50 states


Con BulletPotential fees on free account
Con BulletOutdated website and app

Axos Bank: Best for scaling businesses

Planning on growing your business a lot? Axos Bank can keep up.

Axos Bank offers checking accounts for businesses of many sizes. It offers an affordable basic checking account for small businesses that need a cheap solution, an interest-bearing account for businesses with higher account balances, and analyzed checking for commercial power-users.

You’ll also find other types of bank accounts and banking services. Because while you may just need a checking account right now, you’ll probably need more from your bank―like merchant services or treasury management―as your business grows.

So rather than switch banks as your business scales, let Axos Bank grow alongside your business.


Pro BulletVariety of business checking accounts
Pro BulletAccounts for small and large businesses
Pro BulletAvailability in 50 states


Con BulletHigh minimum opening deposits
Con BulletNegative customer reviews

We love the banks above, but they aren’t your only good options. We’ve got five more checking accounts to recommend.

Heads up though: The banks recommended above all happen to be online banks, which means you can use them no matter where your business operates. But with traditional banks, like most of our honorable mentions, your location matters. So keep in mind that you may not be able to use the banks below, depending on where you are. (That’s why we’ve found the best bank for business in your state.)

Compare honorable mention small-business checking accounts



Lowest monthly fee

Min. opening deposit

Free transactions per month

Get a bank account

Online$10$50UnlimitedApply Now
Novo bank <b>suntrust small business banking</b> Now</td><tr><td><div><img width=
Traditional$0$1200Apply Now
keybank logo
Traditional$5 (waivable)$25200Apply Now
TD Suntrust small business banking Bank</strong></td></tr></div><td>Traditional</td><td><strong>$10</strong></td><td><strong>$25</strong></td><td>200</td><td>Apply Now</td></div><div><p>Data effective 11/18/21. At publishing time, rates, fees, and requirements are current but are subject to change. Offers may not be available in all areas.</p></div><div><div><p><h3>NorthOne: Best paid account</h3></p></div><div><div><div><img width=


$10 monthly fee for checking

  • Online banking only
  • Online applications accepted

NorthOne is the first account on this list to charge a monthly fee―and an unwaivable one at that. But NorthOne packs a lot of value into that $10 monthly fee. It gives you free sub-accounts for all your financial planning needs. It offers lots of accounting software integrations. And outside of the monthly fee and wire transfer fees, NorthOne doesn’t charge other typical banking fees. Plus, it has much more robust customer support than most online banks.

So phone number for suntrust customer service we love the free banks above, NorthOne does give you quite a few features they don’t―and those features just might be worth paying for. 


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