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Buying a car can be exciting, but it's rarely a fun process. From researching your choices and deciding on the best options to chasing down the right vehicle. Review of the best car buying websites TrueCar, CarsDirect, Edmunds. Easiest to navigate, unique services and benefits for you. Buying a car online requires diligent research and repeated checking of listings — usually on multiple websites. Car-buying apps cut out.

: Best car buying website

Best car buying website
Best car buying website
Best car buying website

Best car buying website -

Pros and Cons of Buying Services vs. Dealerships

If you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, you probably are gearing up for several trips to different dealerships around town. But there is another way: you could use a car buying service.

Is it worth it? Well, like most things, it depends on what you’re looking for and what your specific skill set is. A car buying service will help take a bit of the negotiating responsibilities off of your hands. If you are a terrible negotiator and cave under pressure, using a car buying service could save you a lot of money because the service agent won’t cave to pressure from a pushy car salesperson or the dealer like you might.

If you’re willing to spend some time researching deals in your area on your own, you’ll likely be able to beat whatever price a car buying service can offer you. By choosing a car buying service, you might also be setting yourself up to pay extra fees for their time and trouble.

Whether or not you choose to go rogue at the dealer or use a car buying service, considering the different options before making a final choice—and it’s also worth taking a look at what your area dealerships have to offer.

Types of Car Buying Services

There are three main ways you can use a service to buy a car while skipping a trip to the dealership: individual brokers, clubs that you already belong to, and car concierge services.

Car Brokers

A car broker is there to do the messy work of searching for good values and negotiating with dealerships for you. Whether as a free agent or as an employee of a large company, brokers will do their best to save you money on the purchase of your next vehicle.

  • Pros:You often won’t have to pay brokers any fee, or at least won’t have to pay a fee as high as the other car buying services in this list.
  • Cons:Many brokers receive a commission from certain dealerships, so they might not always have your best interests at heart. This makes doing your research all the more important.
  • Best Buys:Search for reputable brokers on Yelp or Yellow Pages.

Membership Discount Deals

If you pay to be a member of a large supermarket club or a credit union, there’s a good chance you have a car buying service built into your membership. Typically, this service is provided through an online tool that allows members to search for specific car makes and models. Rather than haggling with a dealership yourself, you’ll have access to pricing that was pre-negotiated by your membership club.

  • Pros:This perk is typically included in what you already pay for club membership. Additionally, professionals who work for the club can suggest vehicles that might work better for you/be available for better savings than the vehicle you originally searched for.
  • Cons: You have to go to the dealership and test drive the car/sign the contract. Unlike more premium car buying options, there’s no door-to-door service. If you’re not good at saying no to car dealerships, you should probably bring a friend who is, because while your car’s price will be locked in, you’ll still be offered additional costly extras before you sign. If you’re looking for a unique car rather than a widely available one, this is probably not the option for you.
  • Best Buys: AAA, American Express, Costco, Navy Federal

Car Concierge

  • Pros: Very little legwork for you. Just like the friendly hotel concierge who listens to your needs and then helps you find the best place to eat or sight to see, car concierge services listen to your needs and then help you find the perfect vehicle. A car concierge will do all the work of looking for the perfect vehicle, negotiating contracts, or final price, and some will even deliver your new vehicle to your front door.
  • Cons:As you can imagine, this service is typically very pricy—often nearly $1,000. There are only a few companies that offer this service and they’ll typically charge you both an upfront fee and a percentage of the savings they bring you. Although the savings they find for you might be worth the steep amount they charge you, it’s worth making sure you know exactly who you’re dealing with before you commit.
  • Best Buys: AuthorityAuto and CarBargains

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  • 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review  <div><h2>Car Buying Websites</h2><div><h3>TrueCar, CarsDirect,<br> Edmunds and More...</h3><p><br> There are many car buying websites online offering cars for sale, but in my opinion there is really no reason to love one or hate one, but each will have their own unique services or benefits and that's what I'd like to review here.  </p><p>I'll be starting off with two of my favorites, then cover one that offers some unique services to consumers with credit challenges and to top it off I'll cover one of the best websites for researching most anything automotive.<br><br><br></p><h3>Best Car<br>Buying Websites</h3><p>My first two picks are actually a tie for first, because they both offer great convenience to new car buyers...<br><br></p><h3>1. TrueCar</h3><p> has really taken the new car buying market by storm!  They are a huge company with many resources and you'll find over 1,000,000 vehicles listed for sale.    </p><p>I find their site to be very easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.  Simply find the vehicle you want and get your TrueCar certificate to take to a local TrueCar certified dealer.    </p><p>Really simple and the savings can be huge!  </p><p>Another great benefit of TrueCar<img src=

    is how easy it is to get quotes for new autos (see for yourself, it'll take about 15-20 seconds). In addition, if there are multiple TrueCar certified dealers in your area you'll see multiple pricing options...Very easy!

    Once you're done be sure to come on back and check out the car buying guide to learn what to do with those quotes to possibly save even more money.

    2. CarsDirect

    CarsDirect is one of the top car buying websites for many of the same reasons as TrueCar (note: they do not have quick acces to multiple quotes), but they do offer a free car buying service which:

    • Guarantees the Lowest Price
    • Eliminates the Car Salesman
    • Shows You MSRP, Invoice and Their Price
    • Has Award Winning Customer Service

    Not to shabby...Eliminate the car salesman and guarantee the lowest price. It's easy to get started. Simply select your make, enter your zip code and GO...

    3. DriveTime

    DriveTime is actually not just a car buying website, but is also a dealership that specializes in bad credit auto loans as well. DriveTime finances 99% of the cars they sell themselves.

    The reason they are listed in this car buying websites review is both because of their size (nation's largest with 78 locations) and their niche (bad credit auto loans).

    If you are located in:

    AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, NC, NM, NV, TN, TX or VA and have credit concerns, then DriveTime is for you. It's easy to get the process started. Apply for a loan, then browse their inventory online...Start here:

    Bad credit, no credit, no problem.
    Apply online; it takes 2 minutes.

    4. Edmunds is an excellent research site and you'd be hard pressed to not find what it is you are looking for. Everything from new / used car quotes, to rebates, incentives, reviews, true cost to own calculator, and on and on...

    My only gripe with Edmunds is that it may be a little too much for many buyers and can be a bit overwhelming with countless links to more and even more information. This can make navigation a bit confusing at times.

    All in all, Edmunds is a great site and certainly an authority in the automotive field. If you like to research and to read, then Edmunds may be a perfect fit for you.

    Of course, very similar to TrueCar and CarsDirect, you can Free Price Quotes at


    Whether you get quotes from one or more of these car buying websites, you'll definitely want to be sure to check back here to follow along with the different guides to learn how to buy a car in order to maximize your savings!

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Which Car Buying Websites Are Out There?

Best Places to Sell a Car Online 

Wouldn’t it be great if there were an online car buying sites? All you want is somewhere you can go to enter your car information and, as soon as you click ‘submit’, your car is gone, and there is cash in your hand. Well, there are car buying websites. If you’ve ever searched “sell my car online,” you’ll come across many. And many are not going to be the best online car buying sites.

Some are good while others are just looking to take you for a ride. You'll have to peruse through the vast number of places that buy cars online. So what are the best car websites, and particularly the best site to sell a car on?

Get an Instant Online Offer for Your Car!

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Get paid the real cash value of your car in 24-48 hours!

Did You Know? specializes in buying cars online. We buy cars that have some body damage, mechanical issues, or are too old to drive. Because we have decades of damaged car buying experience, we can evaluate your car accurately for free!

Our offers are guaranteed, and usually you can find out how much your car is worth in less than 90 seconds. We tow your car at your home or office for free within 24-48 hours and you get paid at the same time. See how much your car is worth now.

A Few Car Buying Sites

A popular car retailer, CarMax, has a friendly website with offers to sell you a car and also advertises a car buying service and the car buying app. The website mentions a free appraisal service and just requires your basic personal information and your car’s information.

The good thing about CarMax is that you’ll get a free appraisal for your car. Whether you end up selling it to CarMax or not, you’ll have a fairly accurate idea of its value.

The bad thing about CarMax is that it’s not truly a car buying website. It’s a lead generation tool - you end up making an appointment at a CarMax store near you. You’ll need to take time out of your day to drive to their store and get your appraisal. After the appraisal, there’s no guarantee they will buy your car from you, especially if it’s in less-than-perfect condition.

Also, you can rest assured you’ll get the sales pitch to buy a car from them. So what are some other sites like CarMax? Since you can't sell a junk car to CarMax, perhaps sites that buys junk cars.

How can I get a quote for my damaged or old car instantly?

It's simple and it takes less than 90 seconds... click the button below to get started and find out how much your vehicle is worth!

Vehicle Pick-up is FREE Nationwide.No Haggle.No Fees. We are A+ rated business at BBB.

When you Google “sell my car online”, another common search result is CarGurus. This is another popular website, especially among car selling sites. Yet, they offer an option for you to sell your car. That sounds awesome, right?

With CarGurus, you’re in control of how much money you demand for your car. You set the price, and you decide what amount of money you’ll accept. It doesn’t matter if your car is six months old, six years old, or is a junk car. You can use CarGurus to sell it.

Unfortunately, CarGurus doesn’t actually buy the car from you. Their website has you believe they are one of the car buying places, but they aren’t. Like Autotrader or Craigslist, it’s a listing service for you to sell your car yourself. You’ll need to respond to interested buyers on your own. If you’re looking for a cash-in-hand option, this is not it.

If you’re looking for a truly online way to sell your car and get cash in hand, one option is It’s a completely online car buying service that says they are as easy to use as ordering a pizza. That might be a slight exaggeration.

The good thing about Vroom is that it’s completely online, and it is easy to use. You must enter your car’s VIN number, mileage, condition, and details, and provide your personal information as well, and you’ll get an offer for your car. If you accept the offer, they will pick it up from you and pay you for it.

The downside is that they only work with good quality, running, newer vehicles. If your car has a mechanical issue, body damage, isn’t running, or is a scrap or junk car, you’ll either be refused or low-balled. Unless you keep your car in pristine condition, this probably isn’t the best choice either.

Should I Fix My Truck or Sell It As-Is?

Should I fix my car or Sell it As Is?

How to Sell My Car Online for Free?

CarBrain is an online car buying service that truly is the best way to sell your car online. It’s extremely easy to use and only takes a few minutes of your time. When you're on the search for someone to "buy my car", we're your best bet. All you have to do is provide some basic vehicle information and its condition, then click ‘Submit’. Selling a junk car online has never been easier.

CarBrain will give you a guaranteed offer for your car. Unlike other car services, there are no strings attached - the offer is for your car in ‘as-is’ condition, and our services are completely FREE!

We Buy Cars Online, Fast!

If you accept the offer from CarBrain, we’ll pick it up from wherever it sits: in your driveway, the repair shop, your office parking spot, or anywhere else it’s accessible. We’ll put money in your hand and take your car away. We’ll even cover the cost of the tow!

What are you waiting for? Request your guaranteed offer today!


Car buying is difficult these days due to chip shortages and rising virus outbreaks in some regions of the U.S. More dealers have shifted toward virtual showrooms and online sales to make their inventories more accessible to everyone. Online-only dealerships have also become popular during the past two years.

Buying a car online is very convenient if you’re set on your choice and don’t need a test drive. Still, some consumers are hesitant to trust online retailers, especially with such an expensive purchase. Here are the top-rated online dealerships, according to Consumer Affairs.

Carvana : car vending

A red toy car on a keyboard symbolizing car buying online

Famous for that spiffy car vending machine, Carvana was rated as the best online auto retailer overall for car buying. Buyers can look at a 360-degree inspection of the vehicle and have a 7-day return window if they aren’t satisfied. Buyers can also rest assured knowing that Carvana won’t sell any cars involved in accidents. 

Carvana still garners some complaints, such as frequent delivery rescheduling. You can pick your car up from a vending machine or have it shipped to your home. However, only certain models qualify for free shipping. The fixed-rate model means vehicles aren’t subject to sudden price hikes, but you also can’t negotiate on Carvana cars.

CarMax: convenient but more time-consuming car buying

CarMax reportedly has the best customer service, with a reasonable return policy and an intuitive website. Regardless of credit profile, CarMax offers financing solutions for every car shopping customer in under 20 minutes. Unlike Carvana, CarMax also allows buyers to have a co-signer or co-applicant.

Wait time to receive your vehicle is typically at least three days, even if you’re a local car buyer. The prices on CarMax also tend to be slightly higher than other online dealerships. Similarly, trade-in values are lower compared to the competition. There’s a convenient online quote tool, but you may have to visit a store to get a more accurate quote on certain vehicles.

AutoTrader: connects to dealership for car buying