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Joey Bats. Vinsanity. Vlad Guerrero Jr. All-star love knows no borders

There will be no need for stereotypical Canadian insecurities when it comes to the appreciation of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing in Toronto, Dunedin, Buffalo or anywhere else, the baseball community has embraced him as one of its biggest stars.

Guerrero was announced on Monday as Major League Baseball’s leading vote-getter for next month’s all-star game in Denver. A few hours later, he silenced the Fenway Park crowd with a game-tying solo homer off University of arkansas fort smith careers Sox closer Matt Barnes in the top of the ninth inning, his fourth of the Boston series.

The 22-year-old Blue Jay was named on more first-round ballots than Mike Trout, Shohei Ohtani, Fernando Tatis Jr., Ronald Acuna Jr. or any of the other perceived faces of the sport. Right now, the six-foot-two Dominican is as big as anyone in the game. The only thing he can’t do is pitch, which is unfortunate because another late-inning meltdown by the bullpen overshadowed his latest heroics in the 2-1 loss.

This season has been a coming-out party for the guy who was one of the most hyped prospects in history and has since proven to be a prolific hitter. Small market, big market, the Guerrero name speaks for itself and why is too much caffeine bad for you when pregnant the numbers look this good, jose bautista all star jersey attention comes no matter what logo is on the front of the jersey.

Guerrero and his flirtation with mega-stardom will hopefully put an old and tired narrative to bed once and for all. One that suggests top non-hockey athletes need to play in the United States to receive maximum exposure. That players can be developed here, but if they want to maximize earnings off the field, they’ll need to head south for greener pastures.

This talking point has been used as a cop-out for a while. Vince Carter was arguably basketball’s biggest star when he was defying gravity with a cartoon dinosaur displayed across his chest. In 2011, Jose Bautista not only led players in voting for the all-star game, he smashed the record for most ever received. Bautista was the top vote-getter again in 2014, and the following year he passed the baton to teammate Josh Donaldson.

Blue Jays fans, and Canadians in general, might jose bautista all star jersey guilty of stuffing ballot boxes, but that doesn’t explain all the votes. No, Guerrero’s surge in popularity can be more appropriately tied to the attention he received on his way to the majors, the fame that comes with being the son of a Hall of Famer and the jaw-dropping displays of power he has since showcased on the diamond.

“From what I’ve seen, he has been one of the best players in baseball,” his manager Charlie Montoyo said Monday afternoon. “He deserves to be if not the top vote-getter, then right up there. It’s been fun to watch … With young guys, sometimes you need to be patient. That’s what we are here, we’re patient with our guys. It took Vladdy a couple years and now he’s doing what we thought he was going to do.”

Even before Guerrero started producing at this level, he was making a name for himself internationally. Ask fans what they remember about the 2019 all-star week festivities and the majority will respond with Guerrero’s performance in the home run derby. Never mind that the Dominican didn’t win the event and wasn’t even an official all-star. His record 22 homers still stood out.

If anything, Guerrero was considered a genuine star elsewhere before he was here. While the rest of the world focused on his bloodline, the hype from the minors and the occasional eruptions of power, people around these parts were more concerned about launch angles, poor conditioning and defence.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s league-leading production caught the attention of all-star voters in the first round of balloting for next month’s midsummer classic in Denver.

Well, at least they were.

Those issues haven’t been prevalent in a year when Guerrero took his rightful spot among the top players in the game. The slugging first baseman ranks first in the majors with 22 homers, 56 RBIs and a 1.148 on-base plus slugging. He also leads the American League in batting average (.346) and he entered Monday first in FanGraphs’ WAR (4.1).

Not that we should care, but the American media have taken notice. ESPN, Forbes, The Ringer and are among the notable outlets to run expanded features on Guerrero over the last two weeks alone. He regularly leads the headlines at and his highlights are all over MLB Network. The Dominican doesn’t have his own documentary like Tatis, but give it another year and he just might.

Mega-markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago still likely offer more opportunities to earn money off the field than Toronto does — at least in baseball — but playing for the Jays doesn’t limit exposure. If anything, it brings more by playing for a team that represents an entire country at a time when those games can be viewed by everyone else in the world.

So why then do we as Canadians still feel so insecure about this stuff? What difference does it make how many votes Guerrero or anyone else on the Jays gets? Why do we always look to the States for approval?

In sports, it probably has something to do with how many times fans in this region had their heart pulled out of their chest.

Carter responded to his peak fame by demanding a trade. Chris Bosh said all the right things while simultaneously orchestrating his departure. Roger Clemens turned the city against him, not long after A.J. Burnett did the same by opting out of his deal.

Knowing guys didn’t want to be here hurt, and fed our inferiority complex. Those were difficult times, but jose bautista all star jersey recent Jays news should be viewed through a different lens.

Bautista signed a new deal months after winning the home run crown in 2010. When he approached free agency six years later, he wanted to re-up again. David Price left town not because he wanted to, but because he wasn’t offered a competitive long-term deal. Similar things could be said about Donaldson and Jose bautista all star jersey Stroman.

When the Jays eventually sit down to discuss an extension with Guerrero’s agent, Canada and the difficulties of playing in this market shouldn’t even come up. The only things that are going to matter are the number of years he’s offered and the dollar amount attached to each one.

There’s no need to feel insecure about any of this. Guerrero’s bat has done the talking and based on the numbers, baseball fans all over the world, not just the ones in Canada, have taken notice. Guerrero is a bona fide big-league star, and presumably for at least the next 4 1/2 years he’ll be Canada’s star, too.


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Troy Tulowitzki walked around Rockies batting practice Monday at Coors Field, but not in a Rockies jersey. Instead he was wearing a navy blue and red National League all-star jersey — and with a “C” on the chest.

Tulowitzki was named captain of the NL team for the Home Run Derby, scheduled for July 14th at Target Field in Minneapolis, one day before the All-Star Game.

“It’s something you dream of as a kid, to participate in it,” Tulowitzki said. As captain — he is joined by Toronto’s Jose Bautista — Tulowitzki is charged with picking a team of five hitters, including himself, for the derby.

“To be the captain, I don’t know if that’s something I’m looking forward to because of how tough the decisions are going to be,” Tulowitzki said. “You can’t put everybody that wants to participate on jose bautista all star jersey team.”

Tulowitzki said he will start by considering Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton, the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig and Colorado teammate Justin Morneau, a former long-time player for the Twins.

“I have to talk to Justin and see if he’s interested in doing that,” Tulowitzki said. “For him to be in Minnesota, that would be great for him, for what he’s done for that town.”

Tulowitzki’s 18 home runs ranks second in the NL behind Stanton’s 20. Cincinnati’s Todd Frazier is third with 17.

Tulowitzki said he’s not considering bowing out of the contest to rest.

“I think it’s an excuse for players at times who have a bad second half, to say, ‘Oh, I had a bad Home Run Derby,'” he said. ” You take a look during BP, sometimes I’ll go out there and try to hit a home run on every single pitch, sheriff tarrant county inmate search it’s no different from being in Home Run Derby.”


How Toronto Blue Jays slugger José Bautista became an FC Barcelona fan

The jobs amazon near me Blue Jays and Futbol Club Barcelona come from unique worlds. They play different games on different shaped fields on different continents, and they don’t have much of anything in common, really, except for the fact that the sports they participate in both involve the use of a ball. That and avowed Barça supporter and Blue Jay right fielder, José Bautista.

Back in August the 34-year-old Dominican-born slugger made headlines when he took a break from pre-game batting practice after spotting a fan sporting a Lionel Messi jersey. A professed FC Barcelona supporter, Bautista just couldn’t resist, trading his shirt for the fan’s — and throwing in a pair of signed baseballs to sweeten the deal.

So, just how did Bautista become such a die-hard Barça supporter?

Recent discovery

Bautista has been fan of the beautiful game ever since he was a child. But it wasn’t until several years ago, after learning that his family had roots in Catalonia, that he began following FC Barcelona. “I got lucky,” he admits.

It wasn’t just his family’s provenance and his love of the sport that brought him on board as a supporter of the Catalan club. His Blue I love you because quotes for him teammate, catcher Dioner Navarro, is also a huge Barça fan and had a fair amount of influence, something Bautista emphasizes. “I have to thank him for sparking that interest again.”

With FC Barcelona’s unprecedented haul of titles in the last several years, there’s no doubt the team has made a deep impression on Bautista. “It’s been an amazing run, they have some of the best players in the world, and I’m a proud fan,” he declares.

Baseball v Soccer

The unique skills required in different sports are ripe for comparison, something especially common in the United States, where the act of merely making contact with a pitched baseball, not to mention hitting home runs, is generally regarded as the Mount Everest of sports-related challenges, at least as far as hand-to-eye coordination is concerned.

Bautista is quick to point out, though, that “being a soccer player isn’t easy. I try to play with my teammates as a warm-up, and it’s one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever done,“ he concedes. “I take my hat off to all the guys that play, like Messi.”

But can Messi hit the curveball?

Bautista knows what it’s like to get into the batter’s box, to be stared down by a pitcher throwing over 90 miles per hour, and to have just a fraction a second to decide whether to even swing, much less make contact. He’s seen his share of breaking balls too, those nasty pitches that can drop, slide or sink at the last instant for added difficulty.

Does he think Messi — the four-time winner of the Ballon d’Or — can hit the curveball? “I don’t know…” doubts the two-time major league home run leader, well aware of Messi’s propensity for executing surreal on-field moves that often times make it look like he’s being controlled by a joystick. Without hesitation, Bautista reconsiders: “…but he does some things that I would categorize as more difficult than hitting home runs.”

The slugger continues: “Messi’s an amazing athlete. He’s been a great ambassador for the game, so my hat’s off to him. I really admire him a lot for everything he’s accomplished.”

Following Barça from afar

There’s no question the daily grind of Major League Baseball’s marathon 162-game regular season leaves little opportunity for the players to enjoy life’s other pursuits. Bautista, however, makes a point of finding time to follow his favorite team. The six-time all-star tries “to catch as many games as possible,” despite the inconveniences west fargo bank hours the sizeable time difference, which can be six to nine hours depending on citizens bank auto loan online account the Blue Jays are playing.

It's even more difficult on Saturdays and Sundays, he says, when Major League Baseball tends to schedule more games at midday, right around the same time jose bautista all star jersey Barça’s matches are kicking off in the evenings in Europe. But that’s no burden for Bautista. “I try to watch replays, and whenever they’re not playing at the same time [as us] we’re definitely sitting down and watching,” he affirms.

Camp Nou on the horizon

Although visiting Camp Nou is a lifelong dream for Barça supporters worldwide, for Bautista there’s no shame in acknowledging that he’s never been to a game there. Nevertheless, the right-handed power hitter is determined to check that box. “I think I’m going to break that streak this season,” he vows.

The Blue Jays currently lead the American League East with just a handful of games remaining. After clinching a postseason berth on Saturday night, it seems that a few more weeks of baseball will only delay the inevitable. “Hopefully me and my family and a few teammates are going to go to Barcelona this year when the season’s over,” he theorises, while hinting that the wheels are already in motion. Bautista even ventures so far as to say that if the Blue Jays win the World Series it would be the icing on the cake, just one more reason “to celebrate and go see a few games.”

“Hopefully I get to meet a lot of the fans face to face and have that experience at Camp Nou that I know is going to be unbelievable,” Bautista humbly envisions. “I have my fingers crossed.”

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2015 MLB All-Star Uniforms

Another year, another new gimmick. At least this one will be tucked away and unseen during actual gameplay.

The 2015 MLB All-Star Game is just around the corner and with that we’ve gotten ourselves a look at the uniforms the players will be wearing during the game. Like years past players will be representing their team and wearing their standard home (National League clubs) or road (American League) club uniforms with the logo for the game as a patch on the sleeve. The two gold stars on either side of the MLB logo, a relatively recent addition, is also returning.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.51.04

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.51.32

What’s new is a player signature now stitched into the front right side of the jersey, near the bottom, in gold. Stars, representing the amount of times this player has appeared in the game, surround the signature.

Sure, I like the idea of stars indicating how many All-Star Games they’ve played in. Along the back collar would’ve been a good place, they’re already doing stars there afterall… how about as a straight line along the sleeves near the cuff under the All-Star Game patch? I’d like that. This placement is a little weird, from afar, when worn untucked, it looks like you may have an unfortunate stain on the front of your jersey:

Jose Bautista 2015 All-Star Game jersey


Jose Bautista’s stitched signature and six gold stars denoting his sixth All-Star Game appearance near the bottom of the jersey

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 10.49.16

A collage of the placement of the different star amounts from 1 through 7, and then jumping up to the 10 which will adorn Miguel Cabrera jose bautista all star jersey Albert Pujols’ uniforms:

2015 MLB All-Star Jersey Stars


Combine the jerseys with the special in-game All-Star caps we’d seen a few weeks back and now we really know what we’ll see on the field (I, uh, don’t think Majestic and New Era got together about the San Francisco Giants before producing these… whoops):

2015 National League All-Star Game Uniforms2015 American League All-Star Game Uniforms


Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays ramps up marketing muscle with ad campaign for jersey-maker Majestic

One week into the 2012 season it's too early to tell if Toronto Blue Jay Jose Bautista will again produce the monster statistics that earned him a place among Major League Baseball's elite.

But as a marketing entity he's already there. On Wednesday he added one more high-profile ad campaign to his portfolio, co-starring in a new commercial for Majestic, the apparel maker that manufactures MLB's official jerseys.

In the 30-second ad Bautista appears alongside close friend and Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz. A pair of devoted fans drape the players over their shoulders and take them on piggyback rides in accordance with Majestic's new slogan, "Wear Your Hero."

The commercial marks the latest stage in Bautista's off-field evolution from power hitter to pitchman.

Last summer he formed the centrepiece of a Booster Juice ad campaign that bore the tag line "Bats Right, Throws Right, Lives Right," a not-so-subtle jab at critics who suggested steroids had fueled Bautista's success.

But while the Booster Juice campaign was Canada-wide, Bautista's marketing exploits have since crossed borders.

In January, Bautista cracked Bloomberg's Power 100 athletes list for the first time, and that same week he appeared on the Canadian cover of Sony's video game MLB '12 The Show.

Interestingly, the new Majestic commercial doesn't mention Bautista's name.

By now, baseball fans already know it. The slugger earned a record number of fan votes to the all-star game last year - 7,454,753 of them.


AUCTION: Bautista's Star Wars Jersey jose bautista all star jersey

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José, José José José!

When Jose Bautista made an injury rehab appearance with the Bisons in July, it created quite a memorable weekend at Coca-Cola Field. Over 40,000 fans came to the ballpark for the three-game stint against Gwinnett that all of the lights kanye west ft rihanna kid cudi one of the Herd's biggest promotions of the year.

Bautista was in the Bisons lineup for their annual Star Wars Night! Now, you can own a once-in-a-lifetime piece of memorabilia from that night! is auction off Bautista's game-worn and autographed Star Wars Jersey from the team's game on July 23.

The auction will only run until Sunday, October 9th jose bautista all star jersey 9pm, so get your bids in now. As always, this Bisons' Star Wars auction will benefit a great cause in Compass House.

Want even more good news? The Bisons have put 4-Packs for Star Wars Night 2017 on sale. CLICK HERE to get locked into an event that has sold out in each of the past four seasons. You new peoples bank online you want to go! Get your tickets now and save big!

-the herd-


Had it not been for the sheer dominance of the Yankees that year, the 1998 Blue Jays may have had a decent shot at the postseason. And if we look back and use the new dual Wild Card format, the 1998 Blue Jays would have squeaked into the playoffs.

The 1998 Blue Jays performed about as well as could be expected on the road, but they were one of the best teams in baseball that year at home. The Blue Jays owned a  51-30 record at the Skydome, which was tied for second best in the American League.

Quite simply, the Blue Jays starting lineup was stacked from top to bottom. The 1998 Blue Jays produced a total of 221 home runs, which was second most in the American League.

Looking at the starting lineup, it’s really no surprise as it featured so many heavy hitters; Carlos Delgado, Shawn Green, and Jose Canseco just to name a few.

1CDarrin Fletcher*1244464073711523195202539.283.328.410.738
21BCarlos Delgado*1426205309415543138115373139.292.385.592.978
32BCraig Grebeck102344301337717222722942.256.327.346.673
4SSAlex Gonzalez1586185687013628113512128121.239.281.361.642
53BEd Sprague1054193824991200175102473.238.301.424.725
6LFShannon Stewart144605516901442931255516777.279.377.417.794
7CFJose Cruz#10541335255891431142115799.253.354.403.757
8RFShawn Green*158689630106175334351003550142.278.334.510.844
9DHJose Canseco15165858398138260461072965159.237.318.518.836

Provided by View Original Table

Incredibly, jose bautista all star jersey roster did not have a single position player that had  a negative WAR value. Alex Gonzalez was worth 0.3 wins, and that was the lowest total on the roster. As a comparison, Carlos Delgado posted a team-high 5.7 WAR for position players.

The starting rotation was anchored by staff ace Roger Clemens, who would go on to win the Cy Young that year, and included a former Cy winner Pat Hentgen, a future Cy winner Chris Carpenter, as well as Juan Guzman and Woody Williams.

Whether it was jose bautista all star jersey the aid of performance enhancers or not, Roger Clemens was out-of-worldy for the second consecutive year with the Blue Jays in 1998. He won his second straight Cy Young award, posting a 20-6 record with a 2.65 ERA and 271 strikeouts.

The Blue Jays bullpen comprised of Randy Myers as the closer, the rubber arm setup man Paul Quantrill (who pitched 80 innings out of the bullpen), Bill Risely, Dan Plesac, Robert Person, as well as stints from Kelvim Escobar, Eric Hanson, Dave Stieb, Carlos Almanzar, Steve Sinclair and Ben VanRyn. 

Randy Myers was one of the Blue Jays big offseason free agent signings in the offseason, as they inked him to a three-year $18 million dollar contract, with all intentions of having him as the closer for the foreseeable future.

Surprisingly, the Padres claimed Myers on waivers in August and the Blue Jays subsequently dealt him and his enormous salary to San Diego for catching prospect Brian Loyd.

Jose Canseco enjoyed a renaissance comeback season in 1998, signing a modest one-year deal for only $2.125 million dollars. Despite hitting 46 home runs that fidelity bank plc, it was arguably the biggest home run season that very few people in baseball knew about.

Most fans were instead glued to the Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa home run chase of ’98, even though Jose Canseco hit the third most home runs in baseball that year. Although steroids were rampant in baseball at the time, Canseco insists he was clean during his tenure with the Blue Jays.

1998 also marked Tony Fernandez’ third tour with the Blue Jays, as he signed a two-year/$4.25 million dollar contract. The slick-fielding Fernandez had a solid season, hitting .321 in the Blue Jays lineup and jose bautista all star jersey time between second and third base.

There were another few notable Blue Jays alumni on that roster; after not having pitched for the five previous years, Dave Stieb put on a Blue Jays uniform once again and made an attempt at a comeback at 40 years old.

Stieb made three spot starts and appeared in 19 games that year, but he hung his cleats up for good following the conclusion of the 1998 season.

A young rookie that would later become the face of the Blue Jays franchise also made his big league debut in 1998; his name was Harry Leroy Halladay the third, AKA Roy Halladay. Over the years, fans would affectionately refer to him as simply “Doc”.

There was a bit of an interesting bond between Dave Stieb and Roy Halladay, as they shared a very eerie moment late in the season; Halladay lost a no-hitter with two out in the top of the ninth inning in just his second big league start, an occurrence Stieb was all too familiar with.

To make matters worse, it was Dave Stieb himself that caught the home run ball in the Teco com pay bill Jays bullpen off the bat of Bobby Higginson. However, in that moment it was as if Dave Stieb passed the torch to Roy Halladay, albeit in a very masochistic way.

Overall, the 1998 Blue Jays put forth one of the better seasons in the past two decades, but yet they still fell just short of the postseason. Despite a late-season 11 game win streak, the Blue Jays were four games closing discover bank savings account of a playoff berth.

All of this mind you under the leadership of one-time manager, Tim Johnson. As it’s been well documented, it would be revealed in the offseason that he lied about wartime experiences in Vietnam in order to motivate his team. 

It’s still incredible to think that three (and possibly four in the future) members of the Blue Jays Level of Excellence were a part of that 1998 Toronto Blue Jays roster; Tony Fernandez, Carlos Delgado, Dave Stieb, and hopefully one day, Roy Halladay.

There were a lot of great players on that team that would go on to do great things. It’s just unfortunate they couldn’t enjoy a taste of October baseball. 

The 1998 Blue Jays may not have walked away with a World Series title, and they may not have even made the postseason, but damn were they ever close. And these days, that’s all you can really ask for; get close, and pray the Baseball Gods 


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