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Whole Foods Market reveals their first, exclusively online-only location in Brooklyn, New York. 616 Whole Foods Market jobs available in New York, NY on Indeed.com. Apply to Night Team Member, Team Member, Store Shopper and more! Whole Foods Market Chelsea is your organic grocery store.

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Amazon Whole Foods Shopper-- My Horrible experience + footage

I went shopping at Wegmans and Whole Foods in New York City, and Wegmans' new Brooklyn store blew me away

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Tallie Spencer/Insider
  • Wegmans, a family-owned grocery store chain on the East Coast, recently opened its first location in Brooklyn, New York. 
  • As an LA native, I'd never heard of Wegmans before, so I was excited to see what all the hype was about.
  • I went to a Whole Foods and Wegmans location in Brooklyn to see which store had a better overall shopping experience, taking each store's layout, variety of foods, and prices into account.
  • Whole Foods had a decent selection of affordable items for the health-concious shopper, but the large open space and whole foods nyc prepared food items at Wegmans ultimately gave it the edge.
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First, I visited the new Wegmans located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, which opened on October 27.

Tallie Spencer/Insider

I later walked 10 minutes down the street to Whole Foods 365.

whole foods entrance
Tallie Spencer/Insider

At Wegmans, my first impression was that I loved how the store had a large and bright outdoor dining space.

Tallie Spencer/Insider

Whole Foods' dining area was a bit smaller, and packed with people. And unlike Wegmans, it didn't have an outdoor section.

dining whole foods
Tallie Spencer/Insider whole foods nyc

Wegmans offered a variety of prepared-food options. The prepared-food section takes up half of the store.

what time does walmart open for black friday today empty map of south america Tallie Spencer/Insider

I whole foods nyc resist the aromas coming from the Asian food section, so I bought a plate and found a cozy spot in the upstairs dining area.

Tallie Spencer/Insider

Wegmans had so many prepared options, it was hard to choose. There was even a chicken-wing bar, which I thought was unique.

Tallie Spencer/Insider

Wegmans also had a pizza bar, where you could grab a slice with toppings or whole foods nyc your own.

Tallie Spencer/Insider la county stay at home order

The hot-food bar at Whole Foods offered items like mac and cheese and mashed potatoes, but had less of a variety of cuisines.

Tallie Spencer/Insider call woodforest bank customer service

One of the Whole Foods employees told me that the hot-food bar rotates weekly with various cuisines like Italian or Mexican. The week I visited, it was classic Indian, which included chicken tikka masala.

classic indian whole foods
td open near me Tallie Spencer/Insider

In my opinion, they were decently priced. For example, a ready-to-cook meal like coconut shrimp with sweet chili sauce cost $6.50.

Tallie Spencer/Insider

I also appreciated Wegmans' wide assortment of bagels and cream cheese, which were conveniently placed next to each other.

first southern national bank princeton whole foods nyc Tallie Spencer/Insider
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Safety ‘discouraged’ at NYC Whole Foods warehouse where six caught COVID-19: Former labor secretary

Social distancing is “discouraged” at a Brooklyn Whole Foods warehouse where six workers have tested positive for COVID-19 since October, according to former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich.

“I hear at least 6 workers at Amazon’s Whole Foods warehouse in Industry City, Brooklyn have tested positive for COVID since October 22nd,” Reich, now a Berkeley professor, tweeted Sunday night.

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“Safe social distancing is not just ignored but discouraged. The richest man in America couldn’t care less about his workers. Make a ruckus.”

Representatives for Whole Foods and Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Reich’s accusations, which did not detail why or how he believed safety is being “discouraged.”

Whole Foods Market on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. (Google Street View).

Amazon, which owns Whole Foods, announced in early October that nearly 20,000 of its front-line workers at both companies were either infected with the coronavirus or presumed to be COVID-19 positive since the onset of the pandemic, according to CNN.


Last Spring, coronavirus cases among workers at a Staten Island Amazon distribution center led to two labor protests at the facility over the tech giant’s handling of the illness.

It was reported last April that up to 25 workers had tested positive at the location in Bloomfield — though Amazon has disputed the numbers.

Amazon warehouse workers in Chicago and Detroit also held rallies and work stoppages last Spring over COVID-19 safety concerns.


Following the whole foods nyc rally at the Staten Island facility last March, the management assistant who spearheaded the demonstration, Christopher Smalls, was fired by Amazon.

The tech giant said it fired Smalls because he violated social distancing guidelines after coming into contact with an employee who tested positive for the virus.


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(Bloomberg) -- The biggest chicken producers in the U.S. will have to overhaul their breeding programs in a matter of just a few years to meet tough new guidelines major customers are embracing, part of a movement to ensure birds are healthier and more humanely treated.

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The Global Animal Partnership, an animal welfare certifier whose five-step method is championed by Amazon.com Inc.’s Whole Top certificate of deposit rates, is set to lower the number of breeds that meets its standards. According to people familiar with the process, it’s virtually impossible for any conventional chicken breeds, which make up more than 90% of U.S. production, to make the cut due to their performance in a study that informed the results.

While the new rules don’t go into effect until 2026, the move could drive changes in the industry with over 200 companies including Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc. and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. promising to transition to breeds that meet GAP’s standards.

The interest in more humane chicken breeding has emerged as problems cropped up with whole foods nyc broilers in recent years. The chickens that most of the world eats grow at lightning speed and prodigiously convert feed into protein. That’s made meat cheaper and more accessible to more people. However, high productivity had trade-offs. A two-year study commissioned by GAP had preliminary results seen by Bloomberg that concluded the world’s most ubiquitous chickens had poor welfare outcomes due to genetics. The birds sat for most of their lives, had more foot injuries and more problems like white strips of fat and tough, woody textures throughout their muscles. Their bodies grew faster at times than their organs, resulting in small lungs.

In the preliminary data, 77% conventional chickens that were 48 days old had woody breast, which is a tough, gristly texture, and two-thirds had white striping, which involves excess strips of fat in the meat. Slow-growing breeds, by comparison, clocked in at 12% and 6%, respectively, in the study.

“We’re driving toward super efficient, lots of muscle mass. But the birds themselves have problems,” Anne Malleau, executive director of GAP said in an interview about the project, before Bloomberg obtained the study. “Woody breast and white striping are relatively new muscle myopathies. Because of the selection, we’ve changed the muscle fibers. It’s a consequence of the selection that we’re seeing these muscle problems.”

GAP will release its new standards and updated breed list in the coming weeks. The chicken breeds certified by GAP will drop from 27 to a much lower number, which will rise as more breeds are tested. The group requires audits on all farms in the program every 15 months.

Read more: After Decades of Breeding Bigger Birds, Some Producers Are Shrinking the Chicken

Consumers have become increasingly interested in animal welfare, and more than ever are willing to pay for food with ethical claims. But because the costs of producing slow-growing birds are substantially higher than industrial chickens, breed changes on a large scale could lead to more expensive meat across the board. Chicken from alternative breeds can cost $10 per pound for boneless breasts compared with about $3 for mass-market birds currently. Whether consumers will accept pricier meat remains to be seen. “Everyone is going to have to make a decision that’s best for their family, but there are also wider implications,” Malleau has said of the higher costs. “There’s an ethical decision that we need to make, where we’re paying a little bit more for chicken and it means that these birds have a better life.

Any changes would take time. The vast majority of chicken genetics is for industrial birds, and controlled by two companies, Tyson Foods Inc.-owned Cobb-Vantress and Alabama-based Aviagen. Tyson is the biggest American meat producer. Breeding is a slow process that takes years, by selecting desired traits over multiple generations of birds.

Cobb-Vantress said it evaluates more than 50 traits in its selection program, and more than half of them are related to improved health and welfare. Because their chickens grow so efficiently, they use fewer natural resources, the company said. Trevor Gies, a senior marketing manager at Cobb, also said the study commissioned by GAP was flawed.

“Conventional breeds were overfed protein, under ventilated and our recommendations for hatching were not followed,” Gies said. That “resulted in issues that do not reflect what today’s commercial chicken farming operations are really experiencing.”

A representative for Aviagen declined to comment on the study.

Powerful Backers

GAP has powerful backers. Whole Foods, which uses the program for its 365 brand, said it will comply with the new breed list when it’s released.

“We are aware of—and supportive of—GAP’s commitment to slower-growing broiler breeds,” a Whole Foods spokesman said in a statement. “Once that list is finalized, we will start working toward those breeds with GAP’s recommendation.”

Some chicken producers are already making moves to adjust to the higher standards.

Perdue Farms Inc., the fourth-biggest U.S. chicken producer, has been preparing for an updated breed list for five years. In 2016, it began experimenting with heritage and hybrid breeds, which aren’t as susceptible to muscle problems like woody breast. The company has tested 15 different breeds so far.

Bruce Stewart-Brown, the senior vice president of technical services and innovation at the company, said the mounting concern around breeds will become as big as the movement to antibiotic-free chicken that started 20 years ago.

“As they identify those new breeds, and if we’re going to raise GAP birds, then we have to evolve to the breeds of their new standard,” he said in an interview.

Breed issues have been front and center lately because a line of roosters owned by Cobb-Vantress was found to have fertility issues that rippled throughout the industry, causing losses for Tyson and also affecting U.S. output at a time when chicken demand is increasing rapidly.

Some scaled-up alternative breeds have already emerged. Cooks Venture, an Arkansas-based producer and genetics company, developed a breed over 12 years with heritage lines. Chief Executive Officer Matt Wadiak said the company’s largest asset is genetics, which they intend to sell to other companies to help meet slow-growing bird commitments.

“The often suggested idea that the only choice we have to feed people at scale must come at the expense of animal welfare, and lack of genetic diversity, is simply wrong,” he said.

(Updates with prices in eighth paragraph, company comments in 11th paragraph. An earlier version corrected the name of spokesman in 11th and 12th paragraphs)

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The next stop for Whole Foods delivery is NYC

Amazon is expanding its Whole Foods Delivery service to five new cities. Prime Now subscribers in New York City, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Long Island will be able to sift through a variety of dairy, meat, everyday staples and seafood options.

Delivery times are still between 8AM to 10PM, and it's a two hour wait before your order arrives -- unless you're willing to spend $8 extra for the quicker one hour option. Regardless, your minimum order needs to be $35.

Originally kicked off in February, the partnership between Amazon and the Whole Foods Market was established to bring fresh produce to the table in a cash app card activation phone number conveneint fashion, and if you're short on time, help dodge those seemingly endless grocery lines. Shoppers in Austin and Cincinnati were the first with access, but Amazon quickly expanded the service to Seattle and San Francisco. It's very likely additional cities -- according to the Prime Now website, 34 are currently being serviced -- will join the list soon, since Amazon has plans to spread deliveries nationwide.

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Whole Foods Convenience Store Opens in New York City

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that Whole Foods has been suffering an identity crisis, but like a teenager who’s moved to different high school, ever since being bought out by Amazon, the upmarket grocer has definitely been experimenting with a new look. Earlier this year, rumors leaked that the chain, which previously had focused on opening locations in mainly affluent neighborhoods, would be pursuing a broader strategy of simply trying to get in range of as many customers as possible. Not long after, news broke that Whole Foods would be dumping its smaller, cheaper, millennial-focused Whole foods nyc Foods 365 stores, rapidly reversing a course that at one point appeared to be the grocer’s top initiative.

But despite these changes, Whole Foods definitely hasn’t given up on the ideas of “affluent” or “smaller” just yet. The Amazon-owned grocer has just opened a “new grab-and-go concept” called Whole Foods Market Daily Shop at 7th Ave. and 25th St. in Manhattan’s upscale Chelsea neighborhood.

This location is kind of like a fancy Whole Foods convenience store — open from 6 a.m. until 11 p.m. (and, for the record, a full-size Whole Foods is right around the corner). The Daily Shop offers “brand new self-checkout — perfect for grabbing an Allegro or Bulletproof coffee, fresh juice or kombucha on tap, a quick snack or Build Your Own Acai Bowl on the go,” a spokesperson phone call account services me whole foods nyc email. The store also has a local focus, “carrying Gotham Greens, Balthazar breads, New York Bagel, Dunwell Doughnuts, Dough Doughnuts, By the Way Bakery cakes, Lillys cookies and more.”

Whole Foods Market Daily Shop
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Credit: Courtesy of Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market Daily Shop
Credit: Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

The store still has plenty of Whole Foods staples — like staffed registers if self-checkout isn’t your thing. Amazon is still officially in charge, so, of course, you’ll see Prime Member Deals. There’s fresh produce and a “curated selection of flowers, including potted orchids and plants,” as well as hot prepared foods and a mochi freezer. (Don’t forget the mochi!) Plus, like any good convenience store, if you need something in a pinch, Daily Shop has you covered with “two-dedicated grocery aisles highlighting single-serve convenience-based and everyday essentials” and a “small Whole Body featuring toothbrushes, shampoos, deodorant, cough drops, candles and travel-sized products.”

Whole Foods Market Daily Shop
Credit: Courtesy of Whole Foods Market

I followed up to ask if this was a concept Whole Foods was planning to expand and have yet to receive a response. Seeing as Amazon is also growing its line of Amazon Go convenience stores and is reportedly planning an entirely new chain of grocery stores as well, the massive retailer seems to already have a lot of brick-and-mortar shops on its plate. But hey, it’s not like Amazon has ever been afraid of growing.

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