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ACTOR MEXICANO. Local Business Juan Jose Qrz Bronco Junior. Public Figure. 4,471 people like this JOSE adrian ron. Artist. 85 people like this. la noticia de que el actor José Ron habría golpeado y casi intentado “Jamás en la vida golpearía a una mujer”, dijo el mexicano a. José Ron. Jose Ron mexican muscle actor selfie tattoos / tatuajes single bicep flex · 33 notes. 33 notes. Dec 19th, 2014.

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José Ron

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  Édgar José Ron Vásquez
  August 6, 1981 (age 35) (1981-08-06) Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  Daniel Vásquez (brother) Alejandro Vásquez (brother) Julio Actor mexicano jose ron (brother)
  Rómula Vásquez Actor mexicano jose ron, Jacinto Ron Rodríguez
  Daniel Vazquez, Alejandro Vazquez, Julio Vazquez
  Muchacha italiana viene a c, La mujer del Vendaval, The One Who Couldn't, Cuando me enamoro, Juro Que Te Amo
  Livia Brito, Ariadne Díaz, Ferdinando Valencia, Claudia Álvarez, Ana Brenda Contreras


José Ron (born August 6, 1981), is a Mexican television actor. Amazon smile iphone app known for telenovelas; Juro que te amo, Los exitosos Pérez, La que no podía amar, La mujer del Vendaval and Muchacha italiana viene a casarse.

José Ron 1000 images about Jose Ron on Pinterest Models New girl and Ea
José Ron 1000 images <i>actor mexicano jose ron</i> Jose Ron on Pinterest Models New girl and Ea

Ron is the actor mexicano jose ron of Rómula Vásquez Castro and Jacinto Ron Rodríguez. Has three brothers named Daniel Vásquez, Alejandro Vásquez and Julio Vásquez.

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José Ron left his hometown of Guadalajara at age 18 to study acting in the "Centro de Actuación de Televisa". Ron began his acting career in 2004 on the telenovela Mujer de madera with Edith González, Ana Patricia Rojo, Jaime Camil and Gabriel Soto. In 2005 he participated in the television series Bajo el mismo techo, where he appeared chase bank near me hours of operation 11 episodes. In 2006 he participated in the third season of the telenovela Rebelde where he played Enzo. In this telenovela he shared credits with Maite Perroni, Dulce María, Anahí, Christian Chávez and Alfonso Herrera. In 2006 was one of the protagonist in the telenovela Código postal, in which stood out more as an actor. In 2007, he had a recurring role in the telenovela actor mexicano jose ron como tú. In 2008 made his debut as a protagonist in the telenovela Juro que te amo where shared credits with Ana Brenda Contreras. In 2010, she received several recognitions for its stakes in the telenovela Los exitosos Pérez, Locas de amor and Cuando me enamoro.

José Ron 1000 images about Jose Ron on Pinterest Models New girl and Ea

In 2011, he returned to star in another telenovela along with Ana Brenda Contreras entitled, La que no podía amar. Which received the award TVyNovelas Award for Best Young Lead Actor. In 2012, gets his first leading role in the telenovela La mujer del Vendaval where shared credits with Ariadne Díaz and Javier Jattin. In 2014 stars next to Livia Brito, the remake of the 1971 Mexican telenovela, Muchacha italiana viene a casarse, which was lengthened to 176 chapters due to its success in Mexico.

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In 2015, Ron debuted in cinema in the film A la malastarring Mauricio Ochmann and Aislinn Derbez. In actor mexicano jose ron same year producer Ignacio Sada gives him the lead role in the telenovela Simplemente María, which is an adaptation of the 1989 telenovela, where he shared credits with Claudia Álvarez and Ferdinando Valencia.

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realities Shirtless Pics Spanish Actor

Roberto Palazuelos

Roberto Palazuelos Actor mexicano jose ron (Spanish pronunciation: [roˈβerto palaˈswelos]; born (1967-01-31)January 31, 1967 in Acapulco, Guerrero), better known as Roberto Palazuelos, is a Mexican actor, model and actor mexicano jose ron best known for his work in Latin Novelas.


Roberto Palazuelos, nicknamed: "The Black Diamond" for actor mexicano jose ron dark-tanned skin and blue eyes, was born to actor mexicano jose ron Mexican father and a mother of French origin. He is an only child with five half-siblings.

Palazuelos was raised by his aunt, noted Mexican chef Susana Palazuelos.


Palazuelos has been known in Mexico since the late 1980s for his work in popular telenovelas such as Mi segunda madre and Simplemente María. His performance as Roger in the successful teen-oriented Muchachitas propelled him to fame. Dos mujeres, un camino, Amada enemiga, and Salomé are also among his best known works.

In 2003, Palazuelos was one of the participating personalities of: Big Brother Mexico. He also hosted the Mexican Reality TV show: El Bar Provoca, in 2006.

Palazuelos usually plays the bad guy in Mexican soap operas. He was featured as such an antagonist character, in the telenovelas: Mañana Es Para Siempre, Llena de amor, Qué Bonito Amor and Hasta el fin del mundo.


Palazuelos' first professional acting gig, was in 1988, playing the part of: "John", in: Don't Panic

Personal life

Palazuelos is married to Yadira Garza. Cristian Castro sang the opening song at their wedding reception. Another guest, Pablo Montero, sang Ave Maria during the wedding Mass. They have had one child, named: Roberto Palazuelos, Jr.

Palazuelos proudly received, both his: Jr. High School, and High School certifications and Diploma, when actor mexicano jose ron was already 41 years old. In 2008, Palazuelos went back to college to prepare for a law degree.

Palazuelos owns and runs a B&B, located in Guerrero.


2014-15Hasta el fin del mundoMauro RenziAntagonist
2013Gossip Girl: AcapulcoSantiago de la Vega 'El Capitán' / Jack de la Vega 'El CapitánSupporting Role
2012-13Qué bonito amorGiuliano RinaMain Antagonist
2011Una familia con suerteMike AndersonSpecial Appearance
2010-11Llena de amorMauricio FonsecaAntagonist
2008-09Mañana es para siempreCamilo Elizalde RiveraAntagonist
2007Bajo las riendas del amorCristian del ValleSupporting Role
2006-07La fea más bellaPedro BarmanSpecial Appearance
2004-05Apuesta por un amorFrancisco AndradeSupporting Role
2003Niña amada míaRafael Rincón del ValleAntagonist
2002Mi Vida Eres TúAristeo BorgiaMain Antagonist
2002-03Vivan los ninosPantaleón RendonSupporting Role
2001-02SaloméBeto 'El Figurín'Antagonist
2000-01Carita de ÁngelFlavio Romero MedranoSupporting Role
1999Amor GitanoClaudioSupporting Role
1997Amada enemigaMauricioSupporting Role
1996Para toda la vidaRolandoSupporting Role
1995Pobre niña ricaGregorioAntagonist
1993Dos mujeres, un caminoRaymundo (#1)Supporting Role
1991-92MuchachitasRoger GuzmánAntagonist
1989-90Simplemente MaríaPedro CuevasSupporting Role
1989Mi segunda madreDavidSupporting Role
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