best bb cc cream for combination skin

Note that many brands now develop BB and CC creams according to their own making them great for normal, combination and oily skin types (though there. If you have darker skin, look for inclusive brands such as IT Cosmetics, black Up, and Cle Cosmetics. What is the between BB cream and CC cream? I always think that Korean BB creams are the best for dry skin. Like THE face shop power BB creams or sometimes I prefer the luminous aura CC cream from. best bb cc cream for combination skin

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BEST BB Creams, CC Creams, Tinted Moisturizers for Mature Skin Part II *Beauty Over 60*

: Best bb cc cream for combination skin

Best bb cc cream for combination skin
Best bb cc cream for combination skin

10 Of The Best BB Creams For A Fresh Flawless Complexion

When it comes to finding the best BB cream for your skin, there's a lot you best bb cc cream for combination skin to factor in. But first, what is a BB cream and why is it used? How does it differ from CC cream and is it really better than foundation? Can it be used in place of a primer or can you layer it into your skincare routine?

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Following a huge success in the Asian market, BB creams, sometimes known as beauty balms or blemish balms, first found their way into European markets in 2011. Like CC creams, BB creams are essentially a kind of tinted moisturiser that primes the skin with both coverage and skin nourishing properties, including hydration, wrinkle reduction and SPF protection, which is why they’re sometimes viewed as being “better” than foundation.They’re also much lighter than foundation. However, if you need more coverage you can always add some foundation on top. The difference between a BB cream and CC cream is that where CC creams colour correct and conceal problem skin, BB creams focus more on prevention and maintenance.

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Think of your BB cream as that magic one-size-fits-all option that acts as a primer, foundation and moisturiser all in one. It can be used everyday either on its own or with your regular products as desired. But, really, it’s for those lazy days where you just don’t feel like committing to your 10-step skincare routine, but still want that flawless complexion with all the skin-nourishing benefits. Just don’t forget to skip the step at night where you remove it. As with all your daytime products, it’s best not to sleep in it.

Below, discover Vogue’s edit of the best BB creams available to buy now.


Nothing screams health like fresh, dewy skin - and the easiest way to achieve that glowy look is with a tinted moisturiser. After spending much of the past 18 months with bare faces, more of us are catching onto the no-makeup makeup vibe of late, and a lightweight, hydrating tinted moisturiser fits the bill.

A tinted moisturiser's main job is to hydrate and provide coverage of any blemishes. As the name suggests, it's a day cream and foundation hybrid. Suitable for most skin types, tinted moisturisers are designed to hit that "in-between" spot between your regular moisturiser and a full-coverage foundation - similar to a CC cream or BB cream. If you look at it from another perspective, it's a skin boosting moisturiser that just so happens to even out your complexion with a beautiful hint of colour. Think of your tinted moisturiser as a best-of-both-worlds crowd pleaser.

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But within the same category, there are plenty of options so that you can find a formula that fits your skin type and your favourite makeup look. Tinted moisturisers are a sliding scale: some offer more coverage; some offer more high-tech skincare.

Some contain SPF30 for sun protection, some contain hyaluronic acid for the hydration of dry skin and others are good for sensitive skin. Elsewhere, you'll best bb cc cream for combination skin tinted moisturisers with vitamin C or tinted moisturisers with collagen to aid in anti-ageing. The Bobbi Brown Nude Finish Tinted Moisturiser has spf15 plus nourishing ingredients to serve up a plump, radiant finish - making it great for mature skin - while the Clarins Hydra Quench Tinted Moisturiser contains a hyaluronic acid complex and katafray bark extract which work together to leave your skin soft, supple and smooth.

And while they're breezy, the pigment pay-off can be surprisingly good. You can ace a barely-there wash of sheer warmth with a lotion like Chanel's Les Beiges Water Fresh Tint, which does nothing more than even out skin tone with a hint of water-based coverage. Alternatively, you can dial up your coverage for cancelling out redness and low-core spots with Kevyn Aucoin's Stripped Nude Skin Tint or the oil-free Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. For areas that need more coverage, there's always concealer.

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Whichever tinted moisturiser you choose, these far-from-matte products are perfect for those of us who don't like heavy coverage. In celebration of these moisturising, brightening, sun protection-serving, antioxidant-packed wonder products, we've curated an edit of tinted moisturiser bestsellers to add to your wishlist, from the likes of NARS, Charlotte Tilbury, Bareminerals, Clinique, it Cosmetics and Bobbi Brown. Keep scrolling – 'cos a healthy glow is just a click away.

If you'd rather stick to a coverage so long-wearing and fabulous, it laughs in the face of filters, check out our edit of the best foundations. And for more moisturiser content, head this way for the best night cream.

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Stick foundations are great for applying medium coverage in seconds flat. The solid texture of stick foundations also makes them great for makeup artists, expert makeup appliers, and contour fans. They are especially great for women with dark skin tones who like to wear a brighter shade in the center of the face and a deeper shade toward the hairline. For medium coverage, sweep a brush across the stick itself, then buff the makeup on where needed. For full coverage or precise contouring, press and drag the product directly onto your face, then blend it in with broad strokes of a foundation brush, or by tapping it in with your fingers or a wet sponge for a fresher finish. If you're using two different shades, use the lighter color under your eyes, across your cheekbones, and down the center of your nose, chin, and forehead. Then use the darker one under the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose, and along your hairline.

Try: Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation Stick, $6


Why the best BB cream is the quick fix for instantly flawless, Zoom-ready skin

There’s lots to be said for having a good BB cream in your arsenal. But finding the best one for your skin type can take a bit of trial and error. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you, and best bb cc cream for combination skin up the best BB creams that even and brighten, who is the largest bank in the world offering some incredible skincare benefits, too.

But what are BB creams, and how do they differ from CC creams and even DD cream? (Yep, it’s a thing.) Best bb cc cream for combination skin everything you need to know about the cult of BB, plus some of the best to invest in now – whatever your skin type.

What is BB Cream?

Standing for ‘blemish balm’ – or in some cases, ‘beauty balm’ – BB creams are an Asian skincare staple that have been a firm beauty industry favourite for years, thanks to their marrying of makeup and skincare.

Although they have the Korean market to thank for their fame, the first BB cream was actually invented in Germany by dermatologist Dr Christine Schrammek (and it’s still available today over 50 years later). The original idea was to create a product that combined make-up with skincare, for patients to use after a peel or laser skin surgery.

Though they didn’t really burst onto the UK scene until the early 2010s, these days you’ll rarely find a beauty lover’s make-up bag without one.

The best BB cream is a kind of ‘does it all’ skincare buy, providing coverage as well as other skin benefits like hydration, blemish control, antioxidants and an all-important SPF. And, of course, there’s a little pigment involved to even our your complexion without the heavy, flawless finish of a foundation. Or, as celebrity make-up artist Nikki Wolff puts it, they’re for “the consumer who wants natural, one-step easy foundation application, with a natural finish”.

Think your best tinted moisturiser, but with slightly better coverage.

BB cream vs CC cream – what’s the difference?

While BB creams disguise blemishes and make your complexion look more even overall, CC creams target discolouration and even our your skin tone (the CC part stands for colour correction).

“BB creams will generally have a more dewy texture, whereas CC creams tend to have a more matte finish,” explains Nikki.

Either way, both are great for minimal make-up days when, let’s be honest, CBA with bringing out the beauty blender.

How do I apply it?

“BB creams are best applied with fingertips or with a brush, as you can easily control an even distribution and not waste any product into a sponge,” says Nikki.

Always prep your skin before applying a BB cream, and by this we mean the usual: cleanse, tone, moisturise and apply your SPF. While many BB creams contain added hydration to keep your skin happy throughout the day, BB creams aren’t moisturisers – so you’ll need to go through your usual skincare motions to get a seamless finish.

What’s the best BB cream for my skin type?

“BB creams are ideal for dry skin as they’re often combined with skincare or SPF benefits,” says Nikki. “The fact the texture is generally lighter and more sheer makes the application more forgiving.”

While a heavy foundation can settle in dry patches and draw attention to dehydrated skin, BB creams are brilliant for adding some sheer coverage while providing some all-important nourishment, too.

Omorovicza’s Complexion Perfector has been hailed a beauty “Swiss army knife” owing to its dream blend of moisturiser, foundation, sunscreen, concealer and anti-aging cream, making it perfect for dryer complexions. At the more affordable end of the spectrum, NYX’s Bare With Me Tinted Skin Veil BB Cream provides a lovely, sheer-satin finish that doesn’t cling to dry patches.

But that doesn’t mean BB creams are off limits to those with oily and combination skin types. After all, it is called Blemish Balm.

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“I like the Clinique anti blemish BB cream for combination or oily skin types that are still looking for that sheer coverage,” says Nikki. It’s also an incredible SPF 40, which is almost unheard of in complexion perfecting products. No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream in the normal/oily formulation is also great for evening skin tone while working to banish blemishes. (Though its shade selection is lacking.)

Keep scrolling for our pick of the best BB creams in show…

best BB cream Erborian

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French-Korean skincare brand Erborian are famous for their BB cream. Harnessing the anti-aging properties of ginseng, this make-up bag staple gives a velvety finish and natural, radiant glow.

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Best BB Cream 2019 La Roche Posay

This is an image2of8

There are only two shades of this BB so you should try before you buy, but it is absolutely superb for sensitive types. It contains thermal spring waters so is very gentle and soothing on sensitive skin. If you're prone to redness and irritation, this product won't exacerbate it further, and it is totally brilliant for anyone with acne-prone skin, severe dryness and/or rosacea.

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best BB cream Clarins

This is an image3of8

For medium coverage with a luminous healthy finish, look to Clarins' BB Skin Detox Fluid. You'll also reap the benefits of SPF 25, too, for that all important protective layer.

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best BB cream Pixi

This is an image4of8

Pixi's BB cream offers better coverage than most, and is infused with all kinds of skin-loving ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, rosemary and chamomile extract. So if you're looking for a soothing pick for sensitive winter skin, this one's a must.

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best BB cream – L'Oreal

This is an image5of8

Blending mineral pigments with with Glycerin, Pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, L'Oreal's antioxidant rich BB cream will give you that coveted second skin look without breaking the bank. Plus, it's SPF 20, making it the perfect pick for everyday wear.

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best BB cream – Coola

This is an image6of8

Admittedly, this one falls on the pricier side of the BB spectrum, but with mineral SPF 30 broad spectrum protection, rose stem cells to support skin's natural protection against external aggressors, and a sheer, barely-there feel, it's like radiance in a bottle.

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best BB cream REN

This is an image7of8

Like Pixi's Beauty Balm, Ren's Satin Perfection BB Cream boasts better coverage than your average BB offering. Plus, it's packed full of anti-ageing ingredients, protection against environmental aggressors and gives a non-oily radiant finish, making it a great pick for most skin types.

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best BB cream Dr Jart

This is an image8of8

Another great medium coverage BB pick, this lightweight SPF45 balm evens and brightens skin tone, while protecting against UVA, UVB and harsh environmental aggressors. Wear it under your foundation for added glow, or on its own for natural, glowy skin.

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When it comes to skincare, everyone wants to look good at the same time a healthy skin is desired. Generally, in oily skin types, extra shine or gloss effect is found. It is because of the excess sebum production. Oily skin texture does not result in fine lines or wrinkles. However, acne or pimples are found in excess amounts. Large pores are often the cause of it. The beauty industries and manufacturers have designed the best bb creams for oily skin types. The primary function of these creams is moisturizing your skin thoroughly without encouraging the excess production of oil. Large pores can be reduced, and thus, acne/pimples can disappear.

Table Contents

Top 10 Best BB Cream For Oily Skin   

Beauty salon experts & dermatologists have often helped us in understanding the requirements of our skin and with their recommendation we have selected top 10 Best BB Cream For Oily Skin which will help you to choose the best for your skin.

1 – Maybelline Matte Finish BB cream

Maybelline Dream Matte BB Cream SPF15 Medium 30ml

Consists of 2% salicylic acid and is extremely beneficial for oily blemish type skin. When you use it under your makeup, the BB cream reduces the large pores of your skin. As a result, you get young, radiant skin. Incredibly light, so it stays for a long time without melting your make up. Often oily skin faces challenging times with redness or skin discoloration.

The smooth Maybelline product riches the deep skin cells and hydrates your skin so brilliantly best bb cc cream for combination skin no redness results. Even skin discoloration is managed well by applying small drops of this cream. A gentle moisturizing bb cream which can give you a smooth, healthy skin instantly without clogging any skin pores. Suitable for everyday use with or without makeup. It is also composed of a broad spectrum of SPF15, which can best bb cc cream for combination skin you from the harmful UV rays.

Key Features

  • Lightweight
  • Non-oily
  • 2% Salicylic acid content
  • Works best for oily skin
  • Moisturizing cream
  • SPF 15 composed
  • Hydrates well the skin cells
  • Minimizes the large skin pores
  • NO redness found
  • Non-greasy


  • Helps in concealing the redness or any marks of the skin considerably
  • Provides a substantial coverage
  • Fights against blemishes
  • Cleanses the skin well
  • Suitable as a makeup base
  • Skin texture is improved quite well


  • An expensive as compared to the similar products found in the market.
  • Few oily skin users have opined that it does not entirely give a substantial amount of coverage for skin flaws. However, if you don’t apply foundation, you can opt for this BB cream.

2 – Purlisse SPF30 Tinted BB Cream Moisturizer

purlisse BB Tinted Moisturizer Cream SPF 30 - BB Cream for All Skin Types - Smooths Skin Texture, Evens Skin Tone - 1.4 Ounce (MEDIUM)

The what time does walmart store close balm extensively designed for all skin types, including oily skin type. It provides a significant amount of coverage to your skin flaws. Often due to stress or lifestyle, we get redness in our skin. This bb cream is fantastic for removing this skin redness and can be used as under eye cream for dark circles.

 This beauty cream provides an extreme amount of moisture retention. If you have sensitive/acne-prone skin/rosacea, you should try this product. Presence of tinted moisturizer in this bb cream helps to give you a long-lasting makeup effect without being greasy or messy. SPF30 is induced in the composition to fight against all the harmful UVA/UVB sun effects on your skin. Smooth and first financial northwest bank woodinville like Chamomile and Artemisia are found in the solution for tightening the dull and aged skin. Sugar maple present in the cream gives you a glow. Entirely safe for everybody as it is deprived of parabens. With regular application of this matte finished cream under your make up can surely give you a bright, radiant skin.

Key Features

  • All skin types ideal
  • Good coverage
  • Removes dark circles
  • Hydrates skin well
  • Extensively works well for sensitive acne prone skin
  • Tinted moisturizer based
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Smooth in nature
  • SPF30
  • Chamomile and Artemisia present
  • Sugar maple creates skin glow
  • Radiant, flawless skin


  • It maintains the skin tone
  • Never results in dry skin
  • Stays on skin for a long time


  • The consistency of the bb cream is little watery
  • Choosing the right shade can be an issue for the users
  • Few users have felt drying out problem rapidly after application of the bb cream.

3 – Olay Total Effects CC Moisturizing Cream

Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream with Sunscreen SPF 15, 1.7 fl oz

The amazing CC cream designed with a multi-tasking effect for all types of skin. Extensively enriched with vitamin particles to produce young skin cells. It works like a moisturizer and a serum lock together. Helps in protecting your skin from UV rays as it has SPF 15 in its composition.

Hydrates the skin to the maximum level and brightens the dull skin. The moisturizing cream helps in maintaining uneven skin tone, reduces the fine lines and wrinkles. Overall smoothening is provided to your skin.

If you have any redness or dark spots on your skin, it can firmly blur that from your skin. You can use it as a daily moisturizing cream every day to get clear flawless skin. A foundation can be or can not be used with it, that’s optional and ultimately depends on your preference. A considerable amount of coverage to your flawed skin can be derived instantly.

Key Features

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hydrates skin cells
  • Discolored skin tone can be maintained
  • Smooth in nature
  • Brilliant coverage
  • Reduces fine lines and other anti-aging marks
  • Daily moisturizer
  • SPF15 induced
  • Blurs the dark spots


  • Light in weight cream hence does not melt off quickly from your skin.
  • Tones the discolored or uneven skin tone very nicely
  • Large pores can be minimized well without resulting in any clogging pores.


  • Few customers have opined that the cream has not justified the coverage. After application, it was felt they aren’t wearing any makeup, and their flaws were noticed on the skin tone
  • For a few sensitive skin users, the cc cream has resulted in extreme dryness and burning sensations. It is advised if you have allergenic or sensitive skin tones, please refer to a doctor before applying any beauty creams

4 – La Roche Posay SPF20 BB Cream

La <i>Best bb cc cream for combination skin</i> Effaclar BB Blur with SPF 20, Light/Medium, 1.01 Fl. Oz.

The dermatologists have developed the finely designed bb cream extremely suitable for oily skin types. Helps in blurring the blemishes and anti-aging marks or spots on your skin. Lightweight in nature and stays for a longer time on your skin without wearing off your make up. An extensive coverage to your dark spots and marks can be achieved.

The matte finish effect is generated on your face, which can stay for a long duration. Another best feature of this bb cream is the natural and smooth soaking capability of the excess oil from your face. A broad spectrum of SPF 20 is incorporated in the composition to protect your skin from environmental damages. It also has ideal and tested on susceptible skin.

Key Features

  • Dermatologist formulated ingredients
  • Minimizes blemishes and fine lines/wrinkles
  • Matte finish
  • SPF 20 found
  • Lightweight
  • Does not clog pores
  • Ideal for all skin types especially oily and sensitive skin
  • Good coverage
  • Amazing makeup base
  • Soaks up extra oil from the skin


  • It can be used every day with or without moisturizer
  • A significant amount of coverage on your skin by absorbing the oil and by skin cleansing. It is advised to avoid the eye area while applying it.
  • Large pores can be reduced well
  • You can get a healthy young skin if you include this in your make up regime


  • Few users have opined the bb cream works very nicely for them and is light. After some point of time, resulting in breakouts.
  • Choosing the right shade for your skin tone can be difficult. It is a bit yellowish. If you have a little darker skin tone, you will have to find different shade.

5 – Marcelle Hypoallergenic Matte BB cream

Marcelle BB Cream Matte, Light to Medium, Hypoallergenic and Fragrance-Free, 1;5 Ounces

An 8 in 1 multitasking bb cream which can benefit your makeup routine? Works brilliantly as a light moisturizer corrects the flawed skin and forms a decent makeup base. The composition contains all pigments necessary to uniform your discolored skin tone. Highly suitable for combined skin and sensitive skin. Being an oil-free formula and non-comedogenic in nature never results in messy residue on your skin. Helps to give you brilliant shine and glow all day.

Key Features

  • Brilliant coverage
  • Helps to moisturize and hydrate your skin
  • Discoloration can be treated well
  • Oil-free
  • Weightless
  • Non-comedogenic
  • No residue on the skin
  • Generates glowing skin


  • Easy to blend and works magically under makeup in hiding your flaws
  • Excellent makeup base
  • No skin irritation are formed


  • Few oily skin users have faced less coverage on their skin. According to them, the light nature was responsible for this.
  • It is a high-end price makeup product.

6 – Garnier Oil Free BB Cream Moisturizer

Garnier SkinActive BB Cream Oil-Free Face Moisturizer, Light/Medium, 2 fl. oz.

Formulated with antioxidant wild berry and some tinted mineral pigments especially for oily skin types. This bb cream moisturizer well maintains the shine of your skin. A broad spectrum SPF 15 is induced in the composition to prevent your skin from harmful sunlight and environmental damages. Large pores can be firmly minimized, and constant hydration can be produced to the skin pores till 24 hours. Ideal for oily and combined skin types. Weightless in nature hence stay long on your skin without melting the makeup.

Key Features

  • Lightweight formula
  • Easy to blend
  • Gives shine on your skin
  • SPF15 found
  • Wildberry content
  • Suitable for oily and combined skin types
  • Hydrates skin till 24 hours


  • A considerable amount of coverage to your flawed skin can be derived by applying this cream
  • Fights nicely against blemishes or skin discoloration


  • Few users have found a dewy effect on their oily skin. Hence it resulted in falling off from the skin.
  • For some customers, it resulted in problematic skin irritation.

7 – Every glam Skin Protector Flawless BB cream

EverGlam K-Beauty Skin Perfector Korean BB Cream, Light Medium - Flawless, Natural Glow in Seconds <div><div><div><p>1Rosilliance Mineral BB+ Cream Tinted Organic Sunscreen SPF 30</p><div><p>$2,021 AT COOLA.COM</p><div><p>Coola's vegan BB cream offers the best of three worlds: best bb cc cream for combination skin and broad-spectrum SPF 30, tone-perfecting coverage that looks natural, and hydrating rose stem cells.</p></div></div></div><div><p>2Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35</p><div><p>$42 AT SEPHORA</p><div><p>SPF 35 protects your skin from the sun, dimethicone acts as a silky primer, and botanical extracts reinforce your skin care routine. It's a win-win-win. </p></div></div></div><div><p>3Dream Fresh BB Cream</p><div><p>$9 AT TARGET</p><div><p>You'll love how easy this three-in-one SPF 30 BB cream makes your morning routine, while your wallet will adore its under-$10 price tag. </p></div></div></div><div><p>4Acne Solutions BB Cream SPF 40</p><div><p>$39 AT SEPHORA</p><div><p>Yes, you can use BB creams if you have acne-prone skin. Clinique's acne-specific and matte-finish formula is made for just that, and includes silica to soak up excess oil.</p></div></div></div><div><p>5Skin Tone Evener BB Crème</p><div><p>$16 AT IMANCOSMETICS.COM</p><div><p>Grape seed and sweet almond oils help this BB cream glide on exceptionally smooth, so you don't have to worry about buffing forever with brushes.  </p></div></div></div><div><p>6Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++</p><div><p>$22 AT SOKO GLAM</p><div><p>This BB cream is a K-beauty sensation, and with the SPF 42 PA+++ in tow, it makes sense. Pat it on in the morning, then touch up throughout the day when your sun protection needs a refresh.</p></div></div></div><div><p>7Neo Nude Foundation</p><div><p>$40 AT SEPHORA</p><div><p>Technically a foundation, this light liquid from Aramani Beauty makes the list thanks to its skin-loving formulation. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin give skin a plump, bouncy look as the tint smooths over your complexion.</p></div></div></div><div><p>8Sports BB Cream SPF 50+ Sunscreen</p><div><p>$38 AT SHISEIDO.COM</p><div><p>Japanese powerhouse Shiseido thought about all things outdoor when it formulated this SPF 50+ BB cream. Like a powerful tinted sunscreen, the brand's

9Clean Matte BB Cream


Getting a matte finish is difficult with most moisturizers, let alone BB creams. Pick up COVERGIRL's oily skin-friendly formula if you want a matte, natural look, while still streamlining your skin steps. 

10BB Cream SPF 20


We love that this vegan and cruelty-free option from e.l.f. includes aloe extract, vitamin E, and jojoba oil—oh, and that $6 price is pretty good, too.

11Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30


You know how electrolytes are important to your body's moisture level? The same principal applies here. BareMinerals uses mineral electrolytes in this formula to help out dry skin.

12Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mini


The coverage might be sheer, but the Laura Mercier shade range doesn't disappoint. Find which flexible shade from the 20-color range works for your skin, and enjoy SPF 30, moisturizer, and a skin tint all in one. 

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