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Bank of America, like most of the top banks in the US, charges fees for its accounts. These charges include Bank of America overdraft fees, monthly maintenance fees, checking account fees, savings account fees, wire transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, and ATM fees for using a non-Bank of America machine. Find out what bank fees and charges you are paying or going to pay when you open an account.

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Monthly Maintenance Fees



Minimum Deposit Requirement



Card Replacement Fee



Foreign Transaction Fee



ATM (out-of-network)



Minimum Deposit Requirement

Bank of America offers three checking accounts – Core Checking, Interest Checking, and Safe Balance Banking each with a different monthly maintenance fee:

  • Bank of America Core Checking Account has a $12 Monthly Maintenance fee which is waived with at least 1 direct deposit of $250 each month or maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more.
  • Bank of America Interest Checking Accounthas a Monthly Maintenance fee of $25 which is waived if the balance of all linked accounts is above $10,000.
  • Bank of America Safe Balance Banking comes with a Monthly Maintenance fee of $4.95 which cannot be waived.


Bank of America Savings account fees come with a number of restrictions on the maximum number of free withdrawals and restrictions against making payments directly from the account. The three levels of savings accounts are Rewards Savings,  a Minor Savings Account (owned and maintained by an individual under 18), and a Custodial Savings Account which is similar to the Minor Savings account but is managed by a custodian such as a parent.

  • Rewards Saving Account has a monthly fee of $8 which is waived with a minimum daily balance of $500.
  • Minor Savings Account has no monthly maintenance fee but is only available to those under 18 and converts to a Rewards Savings Account once the holder turns 18.
  • Custodial Savings Account is $5 per month which is waived with a minimum balance of at least $300.

Bank of America overdraft fees are broadly similar to other banking providers and are standard across their accounts at $35 for each payment authorized or returned item, with a maximum of four charges per day. Overdraft Protection is available for linked Bank of America accounts. If there is not enough money in one account to pay for the transaction the money will be automatically transferred from the linked account to cover the amount. There is a $12 fee per transaction to use this service.

Should the account holder need to have a copy of their bank statements or printable check images, perhaps due to loss or needing to send to a third party, then they are able to request a copy of their bank statement. The charge is $3 per request.

ATM transactions at Bank of Americas ATM network are free for account holders. Use of a Domestic bbva english customer service of America ATM will result in $2.50 fee per transaction. This is in addition to any charges that the ATM operator may add. For foreign non-Bank of America ATMs there is a fee of $5 per transaction. In addition, there is an “International Transaction Fee” of 3% for how to get cashiers check bank of america ATM withdrawal converted into local currency. The issuing bank may also charge a transaction fee.

Ordering checks for a personal account costs on average $30.If a customer requires a cashier’s check, usually needed for real estate purchases or brokerage transactions, these carry a fee of $10 per check. Account how to get cashiers check bank of america are able to place a “stop payment” on how to get cashiers check bank of america checks they have issued. Each request carries a charge of $30.

Wire transfer fees with Bank of America depend on a number of factors how to get cashiers check bank of america as whether it is incoming, outgoing, is it a domestic or foreign transfer and what currency the wire needs to be sent in. These are outlined in detail below.

  • Incoming domestic wire transfer fees are $15 per transaction.
  • Incoming foreign wire transfer fees are $16 per transaction.
  • Outgoing domestic wire transfer fees are $30 per transaction.
  • Outgoing foreign wire transfer sent in foreign currency fees are $35 per transaction.
  • Outgoing foreign wire transfers sent in U.S. Dollar fees are $45 per transaction.

Customers should be aware that other banks may also charge additional fees for both incoming and outgoing foreign transfers made in any currency. If a deposited transfer is returned there is a fee ranging from $12 to $15.

To replace a lost, damaged or stolen debit card that has not expired, Bank of America charges $5. Rush delivery incurs an extra $15 charge.

There are ways to reduce the overall amount of fees associated with Bank of America accounts.

  1. Open only the appropriate type of account.
  2. Use online banking.
  3. Avoid overspending.
  4. Only use Bank of America ATMs.

  5. Link checking and savings accounts.

  6. Sign up for paperless statements.



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Generally, if you make a deposit in how to get cashiers check bank of america to a bank employee, then the bank must make the funds available by the next business day after the banking day on which the cashier's check is deposited.

Some conditions, however, may affect when a bank makes the funds available:

  • The bank may require you to use a special deposit slip if you want the funds to be available on the next business day.
  • When the total amount of cashier's checks deposited in one day exceeds $5,525, the bank can place how to get cashiers check bank of america hold on the amount deposited in excess of $5,525. In that instance, the bank generally must make the first $5,525 available according to the availability schedule.
  • The bank can place a hold on the entire amount of the cashier's check if it has reasonable cause to believe the check is uncollectible from the paying bank.

The bank may put a longer hold on the check if it was

  • made under emergency conditions.
  • made to a new account (open for less than 30 days).
  • made to a repeatedly overdrawn account.
  • returned unpaid and then re-deposited.

Remember that funds may become available to you before the bank has been able to verify the check. You could end up withdrawing the funds before the bank knows that the check is fraudulent. If the check is fraudulent, the bank may charge it back against your account (in other words, deduct the funds from your account) or obtain a refund from you. The bank might also charge you an overdraft fee if your account becomes overdrawn as a result of the chargeback or refund.

Different banks may have different policies on, for example, when they will place a hold on deposited funds. You should review the deposit account agreement you received when you opened the account, as it explains the bank's availability process.

Last Reviewed: April 2021

Please note: The terms "bank" and "banks" used in these answers generally refer to national banks, federal savings associations, and federal branches or agencies of foreign banking organizations that are regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Find out if the OCC regulates your bank. Information provided on should not be construed as legal advice or a legal opinion of the OCC.

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A cashier’s check is a type of official check which is signed by a cashier and issued by a bank. This type of check is different from a personal check, credit check, certified check, etc. Using a cashier’s check is one of the safest ways to make large payments because this type of check is drawn from the bank’s own funds. Usually, there is no risk that a cashier’s check will bounce or it will be invalid. However, many fraudsters now create phony cashier’s checks and use them for check scams. Therefore, it is very important to verify a cashier’s check to avoid being a victim of check fraud. If you are wondering how you can verify a bank of America cashier’s check then keep reading this article.

There are many ways you can verify a Bank of America cashier’s check. The simplest way is to visit the bank and ask for the verification of the cashier’s check. Moreover, now you can also verify the cashier’s check online. Visit the official website of the issuing bank and verify the check on the website. You can also call the issuing bank and ask for verification.

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How To Verify Bank Of America Cashier’s Check

Verify Bank How to get cashiers check bank of america America Cashiers Check

To avoid a common cashier’s check scam, you must take precautions to ensure that a cashier’s check is legitimate. One of the most common cashier’s check scams is paying more money than the amount of the check. Therefore, if someone, offers you a cashier’s check for more than the purchase price then you must not accept the cashier’s check. In addition to the overpayment scam, other common cashier’s check scams are – 

1. Prize or lottery awards.

2. Prepayment for mystery shopping: check deposits, wire transfers, etc.

Most cashier’s check has distinct feature specific to the bank that will help you easily verify a cashier’s check. If the bank states that there will be a watermark or microprint then look for these watermarks or micro prints. If these signs are missing then the check might not be valid. 

If you think that the cashier’s check is not valid then you should contact the bank that issued a cashier’s check because they can verify the check. Large banks like Bank of America, PenFed, etc. have a set process for cashier’s check verification. You don’t have to pay any additional fees for the verification process. On the other hand, if you can’t verify a cashier’s check then confirm the phone number of the bank as listed on the check. Finally, call the bank to verify the check. Usually, banks ask for these pieces of information to verify a cashier’s check:

1. Check the number

2. Name of the person who gave you the check

3. Payment amount

Bank Of America Routing Number

You can use the routing number of the bank to verify a cashier’s check. Below are the routing numbers of Bank of America: 

Bank Of America Routing Number

When Do You Need A Cashier’s Check?

You might need a cashier’s check for a large purchase like a car or house sale or purchases where you won’t be able to use your debit or credit card. You can use the cashier’s check to pay bills, make purchases or pay other debts owed. Moreover, it is a great option to use a cashier’s check because cashier’s checks can offer more security than personal checks. Here are some common situations when you might need to issue a cashier’s check how to get cashiers check bank of america. Buying or selling a vehicle

2. Buying or selling a home

3. Paying a security deposit for an apartment

4. Paying college tuition and fees

5. Repaying a large personal debt to a friend or family member

6. Receiving a lump sum amount from a lawsuit settlement

7. Receiving a lump sum withdrawal from an investment or retirement account, etc.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cashier’s Check

Advantages Of Cashier’s CheckDisadvantages Of Cashier’s Check
Payment is secured because funds are drawn against the bank’s accountCashier’s checks are not foolproof and they can still be targets for fraud
You don’t have to worry about insufficient fundsYou might need to pay fees for cashier’s checks and the fees can vary from around $5 to $15
No chance of el dorado savings bank phone number and returned payment fees You have to visit the bank branch to get a cashier’s check
Funds availability for cashier’s checks is faster compared to other types of checks 
Cashier’s checks have increased security like watermarks, etc. 

How Can I Get A Cashier’s Check?

How Can I Get A Cashiers Check

Most banks and credit unions offer cashier’s checks to their customers. You can easily get a cashier’s check from a bank. Here are the zions bancorporation san diego – 

1. First, you have to gather some information before requesting the check:

a. Payee’s name

b. Check amount

c. Valid identification

d. Sufficient funds

2. Next, you have to visit a nearby solana beach ca 92075 and request the check from a teller, or 

3. You can call the bank or order online for a cashier’s check

4. Now pay the full check amount and any applicable fee to process the check

5. Finally, receive the receipt and keep it to track the check

Alternatives to Cashier’s Checks

If you are not able to get a cashier’s check then there are other forms of payment options available that you can consider. Some of the best cashier’s check alternatives are – 

1. Money orders

2. Certified checks

3. Wire transfers

4. Personal checks

5. ACH payments

6. Mobile payment apps

7. Credit card payments

8. Debit card payments

9. Prepaid cards

10. Cash  

Fees For A Cashier’s Check

BankCashier’s Check FeeFee Waived
Bank of America$15Yes, only for Preferred Rewards members
Ally BankNoneN/A
BBVA$10Unlimited cashier’s check for checking account with a fee of $2 per statement cycle
Capital One$20 for online cashier’s checks$10 for cashier’s checks at a branchNo
Chase$8Yes, with Chase Secure Checking, Chase Premier Plus Checking, Chase Sapphire Checking, and Chase Private Client Checking
Discover Bank$0N/A
Navy Federal Credit UnionFirst 2 per day free, then $5 eachNo
PNC Bank$10Yes, with Foundation Checking, Performance Checking, Performance Select Checking
U.S. Bank$10No
Wells Fargo$10Available when Wells Fargo Portfolio Checking account is linked with other qualifying accounts

FAQs About How Can You Verify Bank Of America Cashier’s Check?

How Can I Avoid Cashier’s Check Fraud?

If you want to avoid cashier’s check fraud then you can follow the below tips – 

1. Always stick with trusted payers and don’t accept cashier’s check payments from businesses or individuals you don’t know.

2. You must verify cashier’s checks before accepting a cashier’s check as payment.

3. Look for common red flags for cashier’s checks like smeared writing, missing details, etc.

4. Don’t make the payments or purchases against the cashier’s check amount before the check is cleared by the bank.

What Are Some Common Types Of Cashier’s Check Scams?

Some common types of cashier’s check scams are – 

1. Lottery scams

2. Mystery shopping scams

3. Work-at-home scams

4. Property rental scams

What If I Lose The Cashier’s Check?

You must know that canceling a cashier’s check is not possible. So, if you lose the cashier’s check then the bank might ask you to get an indemnity bond before issuing another one. However, it is not easy to get an indemnity bond.

Can I Get A Cashier’s Check At The Financial Center Of Bank Of America?

If you are a Bank of America customer with a checking or savings account then you will be able to get a cashier’s check. The Bank of America will charge a $15 fee for a cashier’s check.

What To Do If You’re A Victim Of Cashier’s Check Fraud?

Cashier’s check frugality is a very common event and if you are a victim of cashier’s check fraud then you should report it immediately to the bank and other authorities. You should report to – 

1. The Federal Trade Commission

2. Your state’s attorney general

On the other hand, if the fraud cashier’s check was sent by prime photos login, then you should report it to the United States Postal Inspection Service.

Last Updated on November 9, 2021 by Musa D


What Is the Bank of America Cashier’s Check Fee?

Banking / Checking Account


i want to pay my directv bill online Roman Tiraspolsky /

With a Bank of America checking account, you have access to financial products, including cashier’s checks. You might need a cashier’s check for a large transaction in which a guaranteed form of payment is requested, like buying a house or a car.

Although some banking institutions will issue cashier’s checks if you don’t bank with them, Bank of America issues them only to account holders — depending on the type of account they have, they might have to pay a $15 fee. Find out how much you’ll pay for a Bank of America cashier’s check, how to get one, how to avoid getting scammed and why you might need a cashier’s check instead of another kind of guaranteed check.

How To Get a Bank of America Cashier’s Check

Because a bank — instead of an individual — guarantees cashier’s checks, they are typically considered safe. When a customer requests a cashier’s check from a bank, the bank first ensures the customer has enough in their account to cover the check, then freezes the funds until the payee cashes the check.

To get a cashier’s check you will need to visit your nearest branch and provide the teller with your ID, bank account information, exact amount of the check and name of the payee. The teller will print the check and sign it, and you’ll need to pay the cashier’s check fee unless you are enrolled in Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards program. Once you pay the fee you can take the check and present it to the payee.

BofA’s Cashier’s Check Fee

Bank of America offers cashier’s checks to all customers with a checking or savings account for a $15 fee. If you are enrolled in Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards program, however, you’ll get cashier’s checks for free. If you do have to pay the fee, Bank of America’s cashier’s check fee is in the middle for the industry — Wells Fargo and Citibank charge $10 and also offer cashier’s checks for free on certain accounts. Capital One charges $20 for an online purchase with overnight shipping or $10 in-branch, but has no waiver.

How Cashier’s Checks Differ From Other Guaranteed Checks

Cashier’s checks are different from money orders and certified checks. A certified check is a personal check that the bank certifies and signs as a guarantee that you have the funds in your account and that your signature is genuine.

Like cashier’s checks, money orders are prepaid — you can get them from financial institutions, post offices and even some retail stores like Walmart. A money order, however, is limited to $1,000 or less. If you need to pay for something that costs more than $1,000 and the payee wants a guaranteed form san francisco food payment you’ll likely need a cashier’s check.

How to Avoid Cashier’s Check Fraud

Because cashier’s checks are generally trusted, they are frequently used in scams. Although you can usually withdraw funds from a deposited cashier’s check quickly, if the check ends up being fraudulent you’ll be responsible for paying the money back to the bank.

Be careful about accepting a cashier’s check from a stranger, even one issued by Bank of America or another trusted bank. To cut down on the likelihood of getting a bad cashier’s check, follow these steps:

  • If possible, ask for a cashier’s check drawn on a bank with a branch near you.
  • Call or visit the bank on which the check is written to find out if it is genuine.
  • Know the difference between funds being available for withdrawal from your account and the cashier’s check actually clearing. Some banks are required by law to make funds available to customers even if the check hasn’t cleared.

Information is accurate as of Nov. 16, 2021.

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Cashier's check

Cheque from the direct funds of a financial institution

A cashier's check (or cashier's cheque, cashier's order) is a check guaranteed by a bank, drawn on the bank's own funds and signed by a cashier.[1] Cashier's checks are treated as guaranteed funds because the bank, rather than the purchaser, is responsible for paying the amount. They are commonly required for real estate and brokerage transactions.

Genuine cashier's checks deposited into a bank account are usually cleared the next day. The customer can request "next-day availability" when depositing a cashier's check in person. Forged cashier's checks may bounce 2 weeks after being deposited.

When cashier’s checks took weeks to clear the banks, they were often forged in fraud schemes. The recipient of the check would deposit it in their account and withdraw funds under next-day availability, assuming it was legitimate. The bank might not be informed the check was fraudulent until, perhaps, weeks after the customer had withdrawn funds made available by the fraudulent deposit, by which time the customer would be legally liable for the cash already withdrawn.[2]

A customer asks a bank for a cashier's check, and the bank debits the amount from the customer's account immediately and assumes the responsibility for covering the cashier's check. That is in contrast with a personal check, for which the bank does not debit the amount from the customer's account until the check is deposited or cashed by the recipient.

A cashier's check is not the same as a teller's check, also known as a banker's draft, which is a check provided to a customer of a bank or acquired from a bank for remittance purposes and drawn by usaa bank locations washington dc bank, and drawn on another bank or payable through or at a bank.[3]

A cashier's check is also different from a certified check, which is a personal check pay my metro pcs bill with bank account by the customer and drawn on the customer's account, on which the bank certifies that the signature is genuine and that the customer has sufficient funds in the account to cover the check.[4]

Also, a cashier's check should not be confused with a counter check, which is a non-personalized check provided by the bank for the convenience of a customer making withdrawals or payments, but it is not guaranteed and is functionally equivalent to a personal check.[5]


Cashier's checks feature the name of the issuing bank in a prominent location, usually the upper left-hand corner or upper centre of the check. In addition, they are generally produced with enhanced security features, including watermarks, security thread, color-shifting ink, and special bond paper. These are designed to decrease the vulnerability to counterfeit items. To be recognized as a cashier's check, words to that effect must be included in a prominent place on the front of the item.

The payee's name, the written and numeric amount to be tendered, the remitter's information, and other tracking information (such as the branch of issue), are printed on the front of the check. The check is generally signed by one or two bank employees or officers; however, some banks issue cashier's checks featuring a facsimile signature of the bank's chief executive officer or other senior official.

Some banks contract out the maintenance of their cashier's check accounts and check issuing. One leading contractor is Integrated Payment Systems, which issues cashier's checks and coordinates redemption of the items for many banks, how to get cashiers check bank of america addition to issuing money orders and other payment instruments. In theory, checks issued by a financial institution but drawn on another institution, as is often the case with credit unions, are teller's checks.

Due to an increase in fraudulent activities, starting in 2006 many banks insist upon waiting for a cashier's check to clear the originating institution before making funds available for withdrawal. Personal checks will thus have the same utility in such transactions.[6]

Legal definition[edit]

In the United States, under Article 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code, a cashier's check is effective as a note of the issuing bank. Also, according to Regulation CC (Reg CC) of the Federal Reserve, cashier's checks are recognized as "guaranteed funds" and amounts under $5,000 are not subject to deposit hold, except in the case of new accounts. The length of a hold varies (2 days to 2 weeks) depending on the bank. It is not clear what length of time may pass before a bank can be held responsible for accepting a bad cashier's check.

In Canada, bank drafts carry the same legal weight as standard checks but are provided as a liberty savings federal credit union kennedy blvd to clients as a payment instrument with guaranteed funds. Drafts (or money orders depending on the issuing institution) usually have better security features than standard checks, and as such are often preferred when the receiver is concerned about receiving fraudulent payment instruments. However, bank drafts can also be subject to counterfeiting, and as such can be held or verified by depositing institutions in accordance with their hold funds policy, prior to providing access to the funds.

In Canada, the term money order is used non-uniformly: some institutions offer both money orders and bank drafts depending on the amount, while others only offer one or the other for any amount. Generally, bank drafts and money orders are treated the same way with respect to guaranteed funds and hold policies.[7]

Alternatives and risks[edit]

In many nations money orders are a popular alternative to cashier's checks and are considered safer than personal bank checks. However, in the United States, they are generally not recognized as "guaranteed funds" under Reg CC[8] and are limited to a specified maximum amount ($1,000 or less under U.S. law for domestic postal money orders).

Because of US regulatory requirements associated with the Patriot Act and the Bank Secrecy Act due to updated concerns over money laundering, most insurance and brokerage firms will no longer accept money orders as payment for insurance premiums or as deposits into brokerage accounts. customer service phone number money orders and cashier's checks have been used in certain scams to steal from those who sell their goods online on sites such as eBay and Craigslist.[6]

The counterfeit cashier's check scam is a scheme wherein the victim is sent a cashier's check or money order for payment on an item for sale on the Internet. When the money order is taken to the bank it may not be detected as counterfeit for 10 business days or more, but the bank will deposit the money into the account and state that it has been "verified" or is "clear" in about 24 hours. How to get cashiers check bank of america gives the victim a false feeling of security that the money order was real, so they proceed with the transaction. When the bank eventually discovers that the money order is counterfeit and reverses the account credit many days later, the customer will usually have already mailed the item. In many cases the "check" or "money order" is for more than the amount owed, and the victim is asked to refund the difference in cash.[9][2]

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What do I need to make an E-Check Payment?

You need four things:

  1. Your UCSB UserName
    • Students – this is the same UserName you use for your UCSB Email.
    • Parents – this is the UserName your student assigned to you when they gave you access to their account
  2. Your UCSB Password
    • Students – this is the same Password you use for your UCSB Email.
    • Parents – this is the Password you received via email
  3. Your bank routing number
  4. Your account number

By far the simplest way to get both numbers is to look on a paper check.

Please note that your account number is NOT the number on your Debit Card!

Helpful hint: If you do not have any paper checks you can find your Account Number on your bank statement. You can then call your bank and tell them you trying to sign up for Direct Deposit and they can tell you what your Routing Number is.

A SPECIAL NOTE for Bank of America customers

Bank of America uses different Routing Numbers for their E-Check transactions. DO NOT use the routing number shown on the bottom of a BofA check!

For information about locating the correct routing number for your account, please visit Bank of America recommends signing into Online Banking to find your correct routing number, or see the section, "Do you have a list of Routing Numbers I can review" for a locator by State:

Bank of America Routing numbers

Log on to make an E-Check Payment.

Sign on to

This link will take you to a log-in page. Students log in on the left (instructions follow immediately) parents will log in on the right (instructions below).

Student log-in instructions

Log in using the same username and password you use for your uMail email account.

Select the link to “Gaucho E-Bill” at the top right corner of the screen that loads.

Students – skip to the screen just below the Parent Log-In instructions

Parent login instructions

Follow the link on the right side of the login page to be redirected to the Parent Login page.

On this login page enter the User name or email address you were assigned by your student and the password that you use for this account, and then click the “Sign in” button.

parent login page

At this point both Parents and Students will be directed to a page that looks like the one below.

You can add an e-check payment account either from "My Account" - "Payment methods" if you are not ready to make a payment now, or by making a payment and adding the account during the payment process. Note: you may also choose to add and save a credit or debit card to your account for future use.

For this example, we will add the account during the payment process. From the left side of the screen, select the "Make a Payment" link (also found on the bottom-right of the page).

echeck overview

Select "BARC Payment"

On the "Item details" pop-out screen, enter the amount of your payment. Click "Add to payment" to continue.

echeck add to payment

You can click "Edit details" if you need to make changes, "Remove" to delete the amount and start over, or "Continue" when you are ready to proceed.

echeck continue payment

You will be directed to the page where you can select the payment method. Select “New bank account” -- Note: you may also choose "New credit or debit card" to use and save a credit or debit card to your account.

echeck new bank account

Complete the following steps to add your new bank account:

echecks steps

  1. Enter the bank account holder's name.
  2. Select whether the account is a Checking or Savings account.
  3. Enter the routing number of the account. If you need a reminder of how to find your routing number, see the information at the top of the page, or click the "i" icon for help.
  4. Enter your bank account number, and confirm it in the next field.
  5. If you want to save this account to your student profile to be able to easily select it again in the future, check "Save bank account for future use."
  6. Give this account a nickname to easily how to get cashiers check bank of america it in the future.
  7. Click the "Continue" button to proceed to making a payment.

Review all of the information you have entered, and make any changes if desired. When all is correct, select the "Pay" button to submit your payment.

echeck pay

A confirmation screen is shown, and an email will be sent to the email you entered for this payment (this example has been deleted to protect personal information).

echeck confirm


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