federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program

Other Federal Home Loan Banks have customized programs as well - programs like first - time low - income homebuyer programs ; various predevelopment and. If you meet certain qualifications, you may be eligible for down payment assistance programs, loans, grants, or other services. These programs. This program offers affordable mortgages for eligible home buyers. Georgia Dream loans* are available to: Ever dream of owning your own home? First-time.

: Federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program

Federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program

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Down Payment Assistance 2021 - First Time Home Buyer Grants - Down Payment Assistance Programs

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Are you a passionate individual who will fight for economic justice? NACA is hiring Economic Advocate who will work with tenants/homeowners to garner access to government resources and/or prevent evictions of foreclosures.

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Need help with your mortgage payment or landlord? Get access to government assistance for Rental federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program Mortgage assistance!

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Individualized, comprehensive homeownership program to access the NACA mortgage - First step in the program: Homebuyer Workshop.

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For low-to-moderate income people and communities. Details


All Members receive a below market fixed rate. At NACA, there is no shopping around for the best interest rate. Members’ credit scores, loan to value ratios, or debt to income ratios have no impact on the interest rate.

NACA provides two interest rates that are less than the market rate. This is based on the below criteria utilizing the Metropolitan Statistical Area (“MSA”) and the Area Median Income (“AMI”).

  1. Priority Members:
    Priority Members are low to moderate income Members or Members purchasing in a low to moderate income census trac.  They receive a mortgage one percent below market rate.
    1. Low – to Moderate – Income Members:  Members who have a total bank application income that is 100% or less of the AMI in the applicable MSA where the Member is purchasing, or
    2. Higher Income Members Purchasing in a Low to Moderate Income Census Trac: Members who have a total bank application income greater than 100% of the AMI in the applicable MSA where the Member is purchasing and the Member is purchasing a home in a census trac with a median family income that is 80% or less of the AMI of the applicable.
  2. Non-Priority Members:
    Non-Priority Members are higher income Members purchasing in a higher income area meeting NACA’s eligibility or other criteria.  They still get a low rate without paying discount points, but one percent higher than Priority Members.

2.25%30-year fixed APR1.5%15-year fixed APR

* HIGHER INCOME PEOPLE: 3.25%, 30-Year Fixed APR; 2.5%, 15-Year Fixed APR.

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NACA’s success is based on the active participation of our over two million members advocating for affordable homeownership and economic justice. Learn how you can get involved today.


If you’re a Homeowner with an unaffordable mortgage payment or a tenant with an abusive landlord.

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With your help, we can make Wells Fargo a more responsible and accountable financial institution.

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There are tens of thousands of us being taken advantage of. Together we can take on Invitation Homes and END their predatory behavior.

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NACA is proud to announce a new partnership with “The House of Hope Atlanta” and its HOPETV Digital Network. NACA’s American Dream Program will air each Monday at 3 pm on HOPETV and airs live each Monday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on NACA’s official Facebook page.

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NACA ENDORSES MICHELLE Federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program FOR BOSTON MAYOR, PLUS SIX CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATES


NACA is proudly endorsing Michelle Wu for Mayor and six candidates for Boston City Council. NACA encourages NACA Members and all Boston voters to head to the polls on Election Day, November 2, 2021 to not only vote for Wu but also David Halbert, Julia Mejia, Carla B. Monteiro and Ruthzee Louijeune for Boston City Council At-Large. Additionally, NACA supports Brian Worrell for District 4 and Kendra Hicks for District 6.

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Federal Home Loan Bank Community Support Program-Opportunity To Comment on Members Subject To Review, 12001-12002 [2021-04119]

Download as PDF


[Federal Register Volume 86, Number 38 (Monday, March 1, 2021)] [Notices] [Pages 12001-12002] From the Federal Register Online via federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov] [FR Doc No: 2021-04119] ======================================================================= ----------------------------------------------------------------------- FEDERAL HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY [No. 2021-N-2] Federal Home Loan Bank Community Support Program--Opportunity To Comment on Members Subject To Review AGENCY: Federal Housing Finance Agency. ACTION: Notice. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- [[Page 12002]] SUMMARY: The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) is announcing that FHFA will review all applicable Federal Home Loan Bank (Bank) members in 2021 under FHFA's community support requirements regulation. This Notice invites the public to comment on the community support performance of individual members. DATES: Public comments on individual Bank members' community support performance must be submitted to FHFA on or before March 31, 2021. ADDRESSES: Comments on members' community support performance should be submitted to FHFA by electronic mail at hmgcommunitysupport[email protected] or by fax to 202-649-4308. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Deattra Perkins, Senior Policy Analyst, at [email protected], Division of Housing Mission and Goals, Federal Housing Finance Agency, Ninth Floor, 400 Seventh Street SW, Washington, DC 20219. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: I. Community Support Review Section 10(g)(1) of the Federal Home Loan Bank Act (Bank Act) requires FHFA to promulgate regulations establishing standards of community investment or service that Bank members must meet in order to maintain access to long-term Bank advances. See 12 Federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program. 1430(g)(1). The regulations promulgated by FHFA must take into account factors such as the Bank member's performance under the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (CRA), 12 U.S.C. 2901 et seq., and the Bank member's record of lending to first-time homebuyers. See 12 U.S.C. 1430(g)(2). Pursuant to section 10(g) of the Bank Act, FHFA has promulgated a community support requirements regulation that establishes standards a Bank member must meet in order to maintain access to long-term advances, and establishes review criteria FHFA must apply in evaluating a member's community support performance. See 12 CFR part 1290. The regulation includes standards and criteria for the two statutory factors--members' CRA performance and members' record of lending to first-time homebuyers. 12 CFR 1290.3. Only members subject to the CRA must meet the CRA standard. 12 CFR 1290.3(b). All members subject to community support review, including those not subject to the CRA, must meet the first-time homebuyer standard. 12 CFR 1290.3(c). Members that have been certified as community development financial institutions (CDFIs) are deemed to be in compliance with the community support requirements and are not subject to periodic community support review, unless the CDFI member is also an insured depository institution or a CDFI credit union. 12 CFR 1290.2(d). In addition, FHFA will not review an institution's community support performance until it has been a Bank member for at least one year. 12 CFR 1290.2(e). Under the regulation, FHFA reviews each applicable member once every two years. Starting April 1, 2021, each member that is subject to community support review will be required to submit a completed Community Support Statement to FHFA. Federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program Community Support Statements for this review cycle must be submitted by October 29, 2021. FHFA will review the community support performance of each member after receiving the member's completed Community Support Statement. II. Public Comments FHFA encourages the public to submit comments by March 31, 2021, on the community support performance of Bank members. Each Bank is required to post a notice on its public website and to notify its Advisory Council, nonprofit housing developers, community groups, and other interested parties in its district of the opportunity to submit comments on the community support programs and activities of Bank members, with the name and address of each member subject to federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program support review. 12 CFR 1290.2(c)(1). In reviewing a member for community support compliance, FHFA will consider any public comments it has received concerning the member. 12 CFR 1290.2(c)(3). To ensure consideration by FHFA, comments concerning the community support performance of members being reviewed in 2021 federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program be submitted to FHFA, either by electronic mail to [email protected], or by fax to 202-649-4308, on or before March 31, 2021. 12 CFR 1290.2(c)(2). The names of applicable members currently subject to Community Support review can be found on the public websites for the individual Banks at: Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston--District 1 (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont) https://www.fhlbboston.com/fhlbank-boston/hci-community-support#/ Federal Home Loan Bank of New York--District 2 (New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico) https://www.fhlbny.com/ Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh--District 3 (Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia) https://www.fhlb-pgh.com/Files/Resources/CSS.pdf Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta--District 4 (Alabama, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia) https://corp.fhlbatl.com/community-support-program/ Federal Home Loan Bank of Cincinnati--District 5 (Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee) https://www.fhlbcin.com Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis--District 6 (Indiana, Michigan) https://www.fhlbi.com/products-services/community-investment-and-housing Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago--District 7 (Illinois, Wisconsin) https://fhlbc.com/community-investment/community-support-program Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines--District 8 (Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wyoming) https://www.fhlbdm.com/news/business-news/2021-community-support-statement/ Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas--District 9 (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas) https://www.fhlb.com/membership/community-support-program Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka--District 10 (Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma) https://www.fhlbtopeka.com/community-programs-community-support-statements Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco--District 11 (Arizona, California, Nevada) www.fhlbsf.com/community-programs/community-support-review Mark A. Calabria, Director, Federal Housing Finance Agency. [FR Doc. 2021-04119 Filed 2-26-21; 8:45 am] BILLING CODE 8070-01-P
Источник: https://regulations.justia.com/regulations/fedreg/2021/03/01/2021-04119.html

Homebuyers and Homeowners

Current Products

Community Partners Product

Provides up to $10,000 in down-payment and closing-cost funding to current or retired law enforcement officers, educators, health care workers, firefighters, and other first responders; veterans or active-duty members of the U.S. military or their surviving spouse; and COVID-related essential workers that are first-time homebuyers or non-first-time homebuyers. 

Community Rebuild and Restore Product

Provides up to $10,000 for the rehabilitation of an existing owner-occupied home located in “Major Disaster Declaration” or COVID-related disaster areas as designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Funds can be used federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program correct deficiencies, resulting from the identified disaster, that impact the habitability of the property not associated with repairs covered under an insurance claim.

First-Time Homebuyer Product

The First-time Homebuyer Product (FHP) provides up to $7,500 in funds for the down payments and closing costs of first-time homebuyers. 

Источник: https://corp.fhlbatl.com/services/affordable-housing-programs/homebuyers-and-homeowners/
  [email protected]  

Find the loan that fits your goals.

Our financing solutions fit the goals and needs of many borrowers. First-time buyer? Planning a renovation? Need to lower your down payment? We can help.

Securing the funds or equity to make your plans real is a big part of the homeownership puzzle. Learn about our mortgage solutions and connect with a lender who can help bring your dream home to life.


Loan Options

Conventional Loans
Qualified borrowers can choose a preferred term, down payment and interest rate.

Renovation Loans
Borrow funds to renovate, repair or improve property as you’re woodforest national bank create online account it.

Jumbo Loans
Finance a higher-value property purchase or refinance with flexible terms and rates.

First-Time Homebuyer Programs
Help with down payment requirements, financing and closing costs for first home purchases.

FHA, USDA and VA Loans
Federally-insured financing options for qualified buyers, veterans or eligible properties.

Construction and Construction to Permanent Loans
Get the funds you need to build your home with the option to convert to a traditional mortgage under one closing.

Down Payment Assistance Grant Programs
Qualified borrowers can lower a required down payment, or eliminate or defer repayment.


All loans subject to qualification, required documentation, and credit approval. Loan terms and availability subject to change.

Jumbo loans are loan amounts above the maximum conventional loan amount. Ask your lender for current limits. Fixed and adjustable-rate mortgage options available.

First-time Homebuyer Products and Community Partners Product are products of the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, Georgia Dream and South Carolina State Housing. Household income restrictions federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program other restrictions apply. Programs available based on funds availability.

NMLS #474532
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The HPI Workforce Homeownership Program is Back!

The goal of the WHP is to enable certain essential workers in Harford County to purchase homes in Harford County. This workforce includes school teachers, police officers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians, allied healthcare workers, active military and employees of the US Military. Salaries for many of these jobs make it very difficult for these workers to afford the average sales prices of homes in Harford County or to save the cash needed for settlement costs and down payments required for home mortgages. The sponsors of the WHP, the Dresher Foundation and Home Partnership, Inc., believe that having these critical jobs filled with people who live and work in Harford County strengthens communities, stabilizes neighborhoods and contributes to the national goal of creating a more energy efficient society.

The WHP program originally ran from 2007 to 2012 originally and disbursed $600,000 granted by the the Dresher Foundation.  These loans have 0% interest and are deferred but not forgivable.  As the original program participants refinance and payoff their WHP loans, we are able to re-distribute these funds. HPI will use the original program guidelines to disburse funds recently recaptured. Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram (HomePartnershipInc) and Twitter (HomePartnership) for regular updates on the amount of funds available.

Источник: federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program federal home loan bank of atlanta first time homebuyer program

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