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Exclusive Interview: José Ron reveals his passion for Chivas

Chivas de Guadalajara fans have enough reason to celebrate, as the Guadalajara team advanced to the semifinals of Mexican soccer.

One of them is the Mexican actor

José Ron

who during an exclusive interview for the Telemundo show 'En Casa', showed the great passion he has for the rojiblanco club.

The 39-year-old artist even showed his great heart and decided to help one of the most important members of the team, and we refer to Juan José Jiménez, the person who since 1993 gives life to 'La Chiva Loca', the mascot of the club.

Jiménez presented symptoms of COVID-19 and required hospitalization, so José Ron announced a raffle to help him financially to cover medical expenses.

During the interview, José Ron showed a Amazon fire stick customer service number usa shirt that the soccer player José Juan Macías gave him for the dynamic, and which is signed by all the team's players.

"I love to do my bit, and this time I'm doing a raffle for them to take this Chivas jersey, and thus be able to help Juan José Jiménez," the actor began.

"Jiménez has been with them for a long time and is going through a very complicated situation, so I will raffle this shirt and I hope that people will join in," he added.

Likewise, the soap opera heartthrob shared an image on his Instagram account, where he appears posing with the shirt and next to it he provided more details of the raffle with which they seek to help 'La Chiva Loca'.

In his message, Ron details that the cost for each ticket is 199 Mexican pesos ($ 9.96 dollars) and the bank account numbers to which it can be deposited are shown.

In addition, it specifies that the raffle will take place on Sunday, December 6.

During the interview, the actor was asked when his great love for Chivas was born, to which he replied that since he was very young.

"In Guadalajara I lived four blocks from the Jalisco stadium, and every 15 days I was there with my family. This taste for Chivas comes from childhood, and this love goes beyond anything," he said.

Regarding the semifinals, where 'El Rebaño' will face the León club, Ron said that he will not miss the game and will support them from home, and although he considered that it is a complicated duel, he trusted that the Guadalajara team will get a title more.

Finally, citi thankyou credit card customer service invited all the people not to miss this game that will be broadcast on Telemundo.


Ryan Reynolds trades Hollywood for soccer and buys his own team.

IN VIDEO: Maluma impressed by showing his talent with the soccer ball.

Maluma impressed by showing his talent with the soccer ball

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In 1801 the Chivas Regal Story begins when Chivas Brothers founded their high class Aberdeen grocery store in the North East of Scotland, providing the local aristocracy with the finest foods and wines. By 1840 James and John Chivas began to create blended Scotch whisky and established a reputation as pioneers in the art of blending.

In 1843, it was fit for royalty when Queen Victoria moved to her Balmoral Estate in Scotland, she needed a discreet reliable supplier who could provide her with the finest food and drink. She granted her Royal Warrant to Chivas Brothers.

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In 1801 The Chivas Brothers Company was established by John & James Chivas. In the thriving Granite City, the brothers created a remarkable business, which fully catered for the sophisticated tastes of the time. The shop was often referred to as the 'Harrods of the Highlands'. The Chivas Brothers matured and blended their quality whisky in the cellars at the shop. The Royal Warrant - awarded by Queen Victoria in 1843 was the first of many Royal Warrants granted to Chivas Brothers. After World War II, America was a land of incredible optimism and razzmatazz. The Rat Pack captured the mood of this era more than anyone, and Chivas Regal soon became a symbol of their exuberant lifestyle.

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When Pasadena native Pete Vagenas was a trusted fixture in the Galaxy midfield for the first nine years of his professional career ending in 2008, he derisively was known as “Pass Back Pete” by a segment of fans.

The nickname was meant to encapsulate what some viewed as the limited attacking contributions the 1996 St. Francis High graduate proffered during a 183-game tenure during which he led the Galaxy to two MLS titles.

But it belied his valuable, yet oft-unnoticed, style of play as a central defensive midfielder and team captain.

Vagenas, who still lives in Pasadena, never has been a player to force an ill-advised forward pass, losing possession and leaving his team open to a counter attack.

Instead, he always jose ron chivas a beat and held the ball first. Dictating the pace of play, the UCLA product patiently awaited the opening he knew would come when his opposite number made a crucial mistake ripe for exploitation via an incisive pass at the right juncture.

“Pete was brought in because he’s an intelligent player and a good decision-maker,” said coach Robin Fraser, whose own Galaxy playing career overlapped with Vagenas by just one year. “And you can’t have enough good championship experienced decision-makers.”

Not when you’re seeking to improve upon an 8-14-12 season in 2011. That record saw the club finish fourth from the bottom in the league, the second consecutive season Chivas USA was saddled with a losing record.

But with just four more wins over the course of the 34-game season, Chivas USA would have scraped into the playoffs.

And it is a measured, experienced midfielder such as the 34-year-old Vagenas who Chivas USA needs to maintain the stability and shape in midfield that often is the difference between success and failure.

“The most important thing for this group is for them to take their jobs seriously,” Vagenas said after training Monday in Carson. “I’ll be the first to admit we are nowhere near the finished article at this point in time, but by the same token nobody is at this point in the season.

“The most important thing is we get the first victory and from there we see how things go.”

Chivas USA, perhaps even more than several other fellow perennial underachievers, arguably needs success more than any team in MLS.

With its eighth season approaching there is a sense Chivas USA not only is treading water but losing ground to the likes of more recent newcomers such as Seattle and Portland.

Their rabid fan base was supposed to be Chivas USA’s.

Chivas USA’s uniquely Mexican heritage was calculated to appeal to the massive Latino population in Southern California, but instead is fast becoming a case study of what happens when conventional wisdom outpaces reality.

Chivas USA also was supposed to tap the large, overlooked Latino player base in the region and shake up the solidly middle-class Anglo soccer club culture.

None of that has occurred.

Moreover, Chivas USA still is looking for a permanent home – five locations around Los Angeles remain under consideration – as well as the dedicated revenue stream needed to compete in MLS.

The club hopes to make an announcement this year, then start playing in a new venue beginning at the start of the 2014 season. But the weak economy jose ron chivas made access to the financing and tax incentives needed to underwrite any jose ron chivas development difficult, General Manager Jose Domene said.

“Economic times are different than 10 years ago when (Home Depot Center) was built,” he said. “We have to find a place that makes sense. You can’t move twice. And if it doesn’t make sense we’ll stay here. That’s fine.”

So it’s on-the-field, rather than off-the-field matters, that are the club’s focal point for the immediate future.

Last year Fraser observed he came on board just 28 days before the MLS trading window closed, so this offseason has been one of far greater change for the club in terms of player personnel.

At the same time, Fraser sees a club that has made greater progress compared to 2011. Chivas USA plays Club Tijuana in San Diego on Wednesday in a friendly and opens jose ron chivas season at home March 11 against Houston.

“We’re ahead of where we were (this time) last year,” Fraser said. “We have more talent on our roster top to bottom than we did a year ago at this time. It’s a relatively new group because so many players are in and I just think this group will continue to jell rather quickly.”

Including Vagenas, who played three years in Seattle and Vancouver after leaving the Galaxy.

But in this case “Pass Back Pete” isn’t looking laterally or behind but forward and up when it comes to the direction he wants to see Chivas USA heading.

There is little time to waste if Chivas USA is to stake its claim to MLS credibility.

“We can get this team over the hump because they are right on that edge,” Vagenas said. “You look at them sometimes and they look like the best team in jose ron chivas league and sometimes they look a mile away. On any given day they can win or lose, and that’s so true in this league.

“My job is to win. And usually the team I play on wins more than they lose.”

For more local soccer news, check out the 100 Percent Soccer blog at

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Atlas outlasts Chivas on a night many fans won’t forget

After losing in to Chivas Guadalajara in the quarterfinals of Liga MX’s playoff in May, Club Atlas got a small bit of revenge Wednesday at Toyota Field.

Atlas defeated its archrival 2-0 in a friendly in front of a crowd covered in Chivas’ red and white.

More than 8,000 fans watched the two Guadalajara clubs separated by nine miles go at it. For some fans, it was their first chance to see the club they’ve loved since they were children.

“Heck yeah, it’s a big deal for me,” said Alejandro Cabrales, who came down from Austin to see his beloved Chivas play live for the first time Wednesday. “I used to live in Florida, and they never really went over there. Now that I moved to Texas, it’s my first time seeing them.”

David Najer traveled from Laredo to see Atlas play for the first time. Born into an ardent Atlas family, Najer has been a supporter since birth.

For him, the feeling of finally seeing his team play live was difficult to put into words.

“I’ve waited so long. Too long,” he said. “I can’t explain it, but it’s very good.”

Najer’s club gave him a match he won’t forget, starting it off with a strike about 25 yards out from Edson Rivera that found the back of the net in the 15th minute.

From there, Atlas held its ground, grinding out a clean sheet and securing the win in the 71st minute with a perfect penalty kick from Matías Alustiza that gently nestled into the goal’s bottom right corner.

But the game wasn’t just for Chivas and Atlas fans. Some simply enjoyed seeing Mexican teams north of the border.

Jasiel Mora, a Club León fan, came to the game without an allegiance. He moved to San Antonio from Mexico three months ago, and getting to relive the soccer atmosphere from home was a treat.

“(It’s fantastic) to be able to see Mexican teams,” he said. “Atlas and Chivas are the most important teams from Guadalajara. It’s really nice to feel the rivalry.”

Some tension in the crowd was noticeable despite Chivas fans making up at least 90 percent of the audience. On the southeast side of the stadium jose ron chivas the flag-waving, drum-beating Chivas supporters called home, Atlas shirts were met with some side-eyed stares.

But late in the game, even after Alustiza drove the dagger into the striped supporters’ hearts, a Mexican flag was unveiled in a section of the most boisterous fans.

Even in a game between two of Liga MX’s biggest rivals, the main message was one of Mexican unity.

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Mexico.- The week is barely halfway through but the emotions and history of a National Classic between América and Chivas always makes everyone happy, especially the owner of the Eagles, Emilio Azcárraga Jean who this Tuesday toured the Coapa facilities to greet and encourage their players for Saturday’s game.

Through the Twitter account of the boss of Televisa It was possible to know that he was in their training centers visiting the players, something that was for now very private since the images of the moment have not been revealed, it could be expected that in the course of the following days something more of that meeting could be to know.

What could be seen is that Emilio Azcárraga sharing a painting with the “Burro” Van Rankin and José Ron, two fans of the MX League But with different teams, Ron supports the Herd and, as you know, the “Burro” does it for America. The reason for his visit was to pay for the bet of the past classic with America, he thrashed 0-3 while visiting Chivas.

Read more: Liga MX: Jaime Lozano would have a verbal agreement with Chivas del Guadalajara

“Look who I met today America club, José Ron, congratulations on paying the bet you made with “Burro” Van Rankin. What will be the new bet for the grouper of the Classic América vs Chivas “, reads the publication of the manager.

For now, the one who remains in a low profile for bets is Emilio Azcárraga because in the absence of 3 days for the Liga MX Classic he has not agreed any word with Amaury Vergara, owner of Chivas despite the fact that in the last matches those who They have taken the advantage is Chivas, eliminating America in the Liguilla.

At the moment the players are already in full spirits after having received a visit from their boss, they keep training and perfecting everything that is necessary to avoid a problem with the Flock. América is still awaiting the resolution of the Disciplinary Commission on the case of Sebastián Cáceres and his appeal for a double yellow.

The full squad, with the exception of Cáceres, waiting for what is said, are available for Saturday’s game on the Azteca Stadium field to close the day’s activity with the best match in Liga MX.



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