bangor savings bank maine routing number

At our Bangor branch, we specialize in checking & savings accounts, mortgages, business banking, and more. Enhance your banking experience at Machias. BANGOR SAVINGS BANK Branches in BANGOR City from ME State Routing Number. US banks Routing Number information. Find routing numbers for banks. The ABA Check Routing Number is on the bottom left hand side of any check issued by BANGOR SAVINGS BANK. In some cases, the order of the checking account.

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Bangor Savings Bank Online Banking

Bangor Savings Bank customers can send and receive payments through the bank’s wire transfer service. Users of this service must use the bank’s 1st person shooter movie number to process domestic transactions and the SWIFT code for international transactions.  To find out more about the wire transfer service, call customer service at 1 877-226-4671 or visit a branch location.

Routing Number


Routing Number On Check

The Bangor Savings Bank routing number is printed on the face of business and personal checks on the bottom left-hand side. It appears just before the account number as shown below.

Bangor Savings Bank Routing Number – Where to Locate on <i>Bangor savings bank maine routing number</i> width=

Bangor Savings Bank Routing Number – Where to Locate on Check

How to Wire Funds

Bangor Savings Bank business customers can initiate wire transfers online. Personal account holder must visit a branch location and fill out the wire transfer request form. To initiate an outgoing transfer, you will need to provide the information below.

Outgoing domestic:

  • Name of receiving bank
  • Receiving bank’s routing number
  • Address of receiving bank
  • Name of the beneficiary (the person/entity you are sending money to)
  • Full address of the bangor savings bank maine routing number number of the beneficiary
  • Transfer amount
  • Reason for transfer.


Outgoing international:

  • Name of the receiving bank
  • IBAN/SWIFT code of the receiving bank
  • Full address of the receiving bank
  • Name of the beneficiary
  • Address of the beneficiary
  • The beneficiary’s account number.
  • Transfer reason
  • Amount to be transferred.


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Branch NameMAIN
Address11 HAMLIN WAY
CountryUnited States

Bank CodeBSME - code assigned to BANGOR SAVINGS BANK
Country CodeUS - code belongs to United States
Location & Status33 - represents location, second digit '3' means active code
Branch CodeXXX or not assigned, indicating this is a head office

What is a SWIFT Code?

A SWIFT Code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Code (BIC) used to specify a particular bank or branch. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. Banks also use these codes for exchanging messages between san jose to boise flights codes comprise of 8 or 11 characters. All 11 digit codes refer to specific branches, while 8 digit codes (or those ending in 'XXX') refer to the head or primary office. SWIFT bangor savings bank maine routing number are formatted as follows:


  • First 4 characters - bank code (only letters)
  • Next 2 characters - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code (only letters)
  • Next 2 characters - location code, passive participant will have "1" in the second character (letters and digits)
  • Last 3 characters - bangor savings bank maine routing number code, optional - 'XXX' for primary office (letters and digits)

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Send MoneyReceive MoneyBusiness Account

The registrations of SWIFT codes are handled by Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) and their headquarters is located in La Hulpe, Belgium. SWIFT is the registered trademark of S.W.I.F.T. SCRL with a registered address at Avenue Adèle 1, B-1310 La Hulpe, Belgium.






7 Belmont Ave, Belfast 04915




425 Wilson Street, Brewer 04412




232 North Street, Calais 04619



213 Battle Avenue, Castine 04421



180 Maple Street, Cornish 04020


22 Main Street, Dexter 04930


Dover Foxcroft


54 Washington Street, Eastport 04631



215 U.S. Route 1, Falmouth 04105



19 Main Road North, Hampden 04444



38 Court Street, Houlton 04730



4 Prospect Avenue, Lincoln 04457


1 Center Street, Machias 04654



56 Main Street, Madison 04950




787 Main Street, Monmouth 04259


196 Main Street, Ogunquit 03907

Old Town

Old Town

564 Stillwater Avenue, Old Town 04468



110 Park Street, Orono 04473



73 Camden Street, Rockland 04841




118 Congress Street, Rumford 04276


270 Main Street, Saco 04072





113 Madison Avenue, Skowhegan 04976

South Portland


Clifford Common, Bangor Road, Unity 04988



6 China Road, Winslow 04901


460 U.S. Route 1, York 03909


Bangor Savings Bank routing numbers

Routing numbers are codes of between 8 and 11 digits used by Bangor Savings Bank and other banks to help financial institutions identify the location of your account. Called ACH, wire transfer and SWIFT numbers, they're used to process checks, set up autopay, make online payments and transfer money in the US and around the world. Learn how to find the exact routing number you need for your Bangor Savings Bank account.

Which Bangor Savings Bank routing number do I need?

The routing number you need to send or receive money through Bangor Savings Bank depends on whether your payment or transfer is domestic or international.
Payments and debits between US accountsACH routing number211274382
Wire payments between US accountsDomestic wire transfer number211274382

Bangor Savings Bank ACH transfer routing number

The ACH routing number for Bangor Savings Bank is 211274382. Short for Automatic Clearing House, ACH numbers are unique to each bank in the US. The ACH number and your bank account number are used by banks and transfer apps like Zelle or Cash App to identify the exact account payments should be taken from and sent to.

Bangor Savings Bank wire transfer routing number

The routing number for US wire transfers through Bangor Savings Bank is 211274382. You can use this same number to receive international wire transfers to your Bangor Savings Bank account.

Bangor Savings Bank SWIFT code

The SWIFT code for international wire transfers through Bangor Savings Bank is. SWIFT codes are a unique combination of letters and numbers that identify specific banks and financial institutions around the globe. Codes indicate four pieces of information used to exchange money internationally between accounts:
  • The bank's name
  • Its country code
  • Its main headquarters
  • A particular branch

How to confirm the routing number for Bangor Savings Bank on your own

Look at a paper check associated with your Bangor Savings Bank account to find the routing and account numbers for your account.

Other ways to confirm the correct Bangor Savings Bank routing number include:
  • Call your bank. Your local Bangor Savings Bank branch or toll-free support line can provide you with routing numbers.
  • Sign in to your online account. Many online bank systems allow you to view the routing and account numbers from your customer dashboard.
  • Search Fedwire. Use your name, nike tdb air max plus or state to look up routing numbers for Bangor Savings Bank or double-check the one you have is correct.

Can routing numbers for Bangor Savings Bank change?

Yes. A bank may be assigned more than one routing number depending on its size and the number of states it services. While Bangor Savings Bank is headquartered in Bangor, services or branches in states outside of Maine may require a different routing number. Confirm routing numbers with a Bangor Savings Bank agent if you're not sure.

Bottom line

Routing numbers help banks identify your exact account to make digital payments, transfer money and even process paper checks between branches, states and countries. Learn more about how Bangor Savings Bank and other financial institutions use these codes to manage your money in our guide to routing numbers.

The Bangor Savings Bank customer service number is just what you need if you’re a Bangor Savings Bank customer who needs help with an account, loan, or credit card. Bangor Savings Bank is one of the Northeast’s most popular consumer banks, so it’s vital that they provide adequate support to their food banks open on saturday in las vegas who may experience difficulties with their services. While Bangor Savings Bank may be a small bank, they still offer a range of different customer service options if you need to get in touch. If you don’t know the best ways to get in touch with Bangor Savings Bank, don’t worry – we have them all outlined below.

Bangor Savings Bank Customer Service Number

If you want to speak to a live person quickly, you can use the Bangor Savings Bank customer service number during their operating hours. This is the best way to get in touch with a live person quickly. If you need to speak about an incorrect charge, an issue with your account, a technical problem online, a billing issue, a transfer issue, a credit card issue, or any other Bangor Savings Bank related issue, you can use this number.

To get in contact with Bangor Savings Bank, dial 1.877.226.4671.

Hours are as follows: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM; Sunday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Bangor Savings Bank Email/Contact Form

If you want to get in touch with Bangor Savings Bank using the internet, one of the best ways to do so is to use their customer service email. Their customer service email is

[email protected] You can ask about customer service issues including technical problems, account problems, credit limit issues, loan issues, transfers, missing money, or any other bank related problem. Just make sure to keep the personal data transmitted to a minimum, especially if you’re unsure about how secure your own email server is.

Bangor Savings Bank Mailing Address

Sometimes you might prefer to send correspondence using traditional mail services. If this is the case, you can direct mail to their primary address in Bangor, Maine. If you would like to send letters or complaints, you can send them to the full mailing address provided below:

PO Box 930
Bangor, ME 04402
The United States of America

Bangor Savings Bank Live Chat

Bangor Savings Bank has a live chat service that you can use if you want to speak to a live person via the internet. This is a great option if you need to speak to someone immediately but don’t want to call using your phone. You can get in contact with the very same customer service team via this live chat portal. Feel free to ask about account issue, billing problems, mischarges, authorized users, technical errors, or anything else you need assistance with. To access the live chat service directly, follow the links below:!skill=External%20Website%20English&visitor=1119403793139917&msessionkey=9020970361723076851&siteContainer=STANDALONE&LEAppKey=f907f2d9acd64b7f8c00b83bed3c2822&referrer=http%3A//

Hours are as follows: Monday – Friday: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM; Sunday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Bangor Savings Bank Customer Support Website

If you want to use the customer support website to find answers to issues you might be having, feel free to use the Bangor Savings Bank online banking FAQs. It’s a great way to make sure you get all the information you need without having to talk to a customer service representative. To find the website, simply head to You can find out bangor savings bank maine routing number funds transfers, registering online, text message banking, purchase records and more. There are more selections on the left-hand side of the page as well.

Bangor Savings Bank Social Media Accounts

While Bangor Savings Bank doesn’t have large social media accounts like many national banks, they still have a presence on most of the major networks. You can speak with a representative from Bangor Savings Bank via their social media accounts, just make sure you don’t send any personal information regarding your account or additional information. Below are links to their primary social media accounts:





About Bangor Savings Bank

Bangor Savings Bank is a small, regional bank that has a great reputation in the Maine area. The bank first started trading in 1852 – its first location was in the city of Bangor. The bank has grown slowly, there are now over 50 locations spread throughout the state. Bangor Savings Bank has $3.5b of assets under management. The bank also recently acquired Granite Bank of New Hampshire, which will increase the assets held by the bank.

The bank remains headquartered in Bangor, Maine.

Bangor Savings Bank Headquarters Location Map


Bangor Savings Bank Review: ATM System Will Help You Avoid Fees

Bangor Savings Bank, headquartered in Bangor, Maine, has been serving Mainers and New Hampshirites for over 165 years. The full-service, community-focused bank affords its members standard banking products and financial services such as personal checking accounts, online and mobile banking, wealth management resources and business banking.

Here’s an overview of what to expect when you bank with Bangor Savings if you want to determine if it’s the best bank for you.

Bangor Savings Bank Review

Bangor Savings Bank has around 60 locations in Maine and New Hampshire, and access to 55,000 ATM machines around the world through the Allpoint ATM network. Bangor Savings claims it was the first Maine bank to offer free ATMs worldwide, wherein you simply accept any charges incurred from using the machine and the bank reimburses you within three business days. Bangor has saved its customers $23 million in ATM bangor savings bank maine routing number since 2006 using this approach.

Being a locally based bank, Bangor Savings also contributes to charitable causes. It sponsors a peanut butter and jelly drive and funds corporate donations through its Corporate Giving initiative. The bank said it will give away nearly $1 million to community causes in 2018.

Customers with Bangor Savings can also take advantage of its technological services. Bangor Online lets you manage your account from your computer, pay your bills online, save money on fees using eStatements and transfer funds between accounts. Its mobile app uses biometric security measures to safeguard your information, and it lets you quickly search transactions and locate ATMs.

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Bangor Savings Bank Products and Services

Whether an individual or a business, Bangor Savings provides its customers with a bevy of financial material to use.

Checking Accounts

Bangor Savings offers customers three checking account options, all of which require a minimum $25 deposit to open:

  • Benefit Plus Checking: This is a tiered checking account that earns you 0.05% APY with balances of $1,000 or more.
  • Benefit 62 Checking: Designed for people aged 62 and older, 62 Checking gives you a choice of free specialty checks or a 50 percent discount on initial and future Deluxe check orders.
  • Benefit Checking: This checking account has no minimum daily balance requirement or bangor savings bank maine routing number service charge.

All accounts are compatible with Bangor Savings online banking and qualify you for the Benefit savings account.

Be Prepared: All the Documents You Need to Open a Checking Account

Savings Accounts

Bangor Savings offers customers several savings account options, but its two main ones are the Statement savings and the Benefit savings accounts.

Bangor Savings Accounts
$0-$24.99Statement: 0.00%
Benefits: 0.00%
$25-$4,999.99 Statement: 0.05%
Benefits: 0.08%
$5,000-$24,999.99Statement: 0.08%
Benefits: 0.12%
$25,000 and overStatement: 0.10%
Benefits: 0.15%
All rates accurate as of Aug. 10, 2018.

Both Bangor savings accounts require $25 to open and $25 or more in the account to earn interest.

Certificates of Deposit

Bangor Savings certificates of deposit range from three months to five years. The account comes with a higher APY rate if you are a Benefit Plus customer. For example, a five-year CD carries an APY of 1.66 percent, but when you’re a Benefit Plus customer, that rate shoots up to 1.92% APY. Even a three-month rate of 0.50% APY goes up to 0.75 percent with a Benefit Plus account.

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Personal Loans

Customers can take out loans for a variety of needs through Bangor Savings. Its personal unsecured loans use fixed rates, which help when planning finances. Bangor Savings also offers CD loans, which let you borrow against the funds in your own account, which can help build credit. Other available loans include home improvement loans, auto loans and refinancing options. It also offers lines of credit attached to your checking account, for amounts up to $25,000 or as low as $500.

Pros and Cons of  Bangor savings bank maine routing number Savings Bank

Every bank comes with its ups and downs depending on what it offers versus what you need. Before banking with Bangor Savings, consider these key points:


  • Internationally covered ATM reimbursements
  • Benefit Plus Customer feature boosts CD rates
  • Benefit Checking has no monthly charge


  • Limited geographical presence
  • Tiered savings rates aren’t much higher than the industry average
  • Low APY on checking account

Which Is for You? The Difference Between Banks and Credit Unions

The Bottom Line on Bangor Savings Bank

Locals throughout Maine and regions of New Hampshire will benefit most from Bangor Savings Bank, if only because the charity work the bank does directly impacts the communities it operates in. Those not near the Pine Tree State might still want to consider some of Bangor Savings’ features. No ATM fees worldwide is a huge boon for travelers, not to mention those who loathe extraneous fees. The ability to boost CD rates means Bangor Savings’ certificates are a competitive force on the market. The savings accounts, by contrast, have low APY rates with some steep balance requirements. Overall, despite its locality, Bangor Savings Bank will interest those who want to take advantage of different ATM networks or those who prefer CDs as investment tools.

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