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Hours of Operation for All Locations: Monday-Fridays: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.. WEST MIFFLIN OFFICE 6010 Mountain View. Community programmes are aimed at strengthening self-esteem, developing personal skills, promoting health and wellbeing, improving academic achievement and. Wherever you go, take United Community Bank with you! United's mobile banking app puts the power of online banking at your fingertips 24/7. united community

Illinois Bank Helps Keep Customers and Employees Happy With Reliable Access to Banking Services on Efficient, Resilient SD-WAN

United Community Bank assures application performance and availability while simplifying network management with the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform

Across central, southern, and western Illinois, individuals and businesses put their trust, as well as their money, in United Community Bank. Why? The answer is in the name.

United Community Bank (UCB) was born in the heartland more than a century ago, and it grew by staying focused on the local, often rural, communities it serves. But UCB is also a 21st century bank, using technology to continually enhance the customer experience and enable modern services like mobile banking and online bill pay.

With banking locations often hundreds of miles from its central data center, UCB relies heavily on its wide-area network (WAN) to connect branch staff with the applications and services needed to conduct daily business. As Zac Heineman, UCB’s director of IT, puts it, “IT is a part of everything the bank does. If a network link goes down, we have frustrated employees dealing with angry customers in the lobby or at the drive-through because they can’t get to their account information. That’s a very motivating factor to get more reliability in our network infrastructure.”

United Community Bank assures application performance and availability while simplifying network management with the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform
I can’t exaggerate the positive impact Orchestrator and the Silver Peak SD-WAN have had on our administrative overhead. For me it’s been life changing.”
— Zac Heineman, Director of IT, United Community Bank

Putting an end to network complexity

Much of the bank’s growth has come through mergers and acquisitions, which resulted in a disparate mix of network services, from MPLS on T1 lines, to Ethernet meshes coupled with backup broadband or DSL lines, plus three separate telco backbones feeding into the bank’s primary and backup data centers. Legacy branch routers were scattered across the enterprise. Managing the network complexity was frustrating for Heineman and his team, and failing over to the backup circuits was a manual, time-consuming task that disrupted business processes.

As new acquisitions continued to come into the UCB family, Heineman needed to find a better networking approach. By chance, a network aggregator pitching SD-WAN introduced Heineman to VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud. However, after a partial rollout, he quickly discovered its shortcomings, and began evaluating other vendors, including Cisco Viptela and Silver Peak. “Silver Peak checked every box we had,” he says. “They brought real class of service that actually works, direct visibility and control of application traffic, logging and backup—everything we needed.”

Versatile, cost-efficient SD-WAN

Today, UCB has deployed the Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform at all of its 48 remote locations and in its two data centers—a total of 50 locations in all. The entire rollout was completed in less than three weeks. Moreover, the zero-touch provisioning of EdgeConnect will enable the bank to bring new branches online much faster as it continues to expand.

“EdgeConnect was so easy to deploy, we could get some of our branches flipped in the middle of the day with maybe 20 seconds of downtime,” Heineman notes.

United Community Bank Case Study

The bank has since retired its branch routers, now relying on EdgeConnect as the sole WAN edge platform, providing united community traffic routing and filtering. Legacy WAN circuits are being decommissioned as contracts expire. Ultimately, each EdgeConnect appliance will be terminated with two commercial internet links from local service providers, or a combination of commercial internet and LTE. By negotiating more favorable contracts with internet service providers, Heineman expects a full return on investment within three years.

Currently, all traffic from the branches flows back through the primary data center—no local breakout to the internet is permitted. However, the versatility of EdgeConnect opened an opportunity for cloud-based security, and UCB is now evaluating service chaining Zscaler cloud-delivered security with EdgeConnect to provide direct, secure local access to the internet. “EdgeConnect has given us an immense amount of flexibility to try new capabilities,” Heineman remarks.

Improved WAN resilience, simplified management

With features like tunnel bonding, path conditioning, quality of service (QoS), and dynamic path control on EdgeConnect, network performance and reliability have improved dramatically for UCB. Sluggish applications or periods of all-out downtime due to circuit brownouts or outages, are now a thing of the past.

With this level of high network reliability, UCB was also able to completely rethink its phone system. For example, each branch traditionally had its own phone system. However, higher VoIP reliability on the EdgeConnect-powered SD-WAN allowed the bank to adopt regional voice hubs. Through the Unity Orchestrator™ management interface, Heineman then created a business intent overlay to classify VoIP as “real time” and ensure voice traffic receives the highest priority over both available links.

“In a test call to demonstrate how reliable the SD-WAN was, I unplugged one of the internet connections from EdgeConnect,” Heineman reports. “The callers kept talking. Not a single piece of the call was dropped and the voice quality was never degraded.”

Heineman also configured business intent overlays for business-critical applications such as core banking, and lower-priority network traffic such as application patches, to ensure each class of application receives the network resources it requires.

With the entire SD-WAN centrally managed through Orchestrator, everything from periodic software updates to network troubleshooting is faster and easier. In fact, Heineman says Windows patching was one of IT’s biggest issues. “We’d push out a 4GB Windows 10 patch, and all of a sudden we’d see teller transactions slow way down. We still push out patches in the middle of the day, but we classify them with the lowest priority and apply a bandwidth cap. Now we can stay more current on updates because it’s so simple, and we never hear about application performance problems or patch failures anymore.”

When there’s a problem on the network, instead of pulling busy system administrators off a big project, Heineman has been able to push troubleshooting off to help desk staff who can quickly pinpoint the source of trouble through Orchestrator and work directly with the service provider to resolve the issue.

“I can’t exaggerate the positive impact Orchestrator and the Silver Peak SD-WAN have had on our administrative overhead,” Heineman states. “We recently had an outage on the primary circuit to our headquarters. In the past, this would have been extremely disruptive, but instead it was business as usual, with no user complaints while we united community out the issue with the telco. For me it’s been life changing.”

For more information on Silver Peak and our solutions, please visit: silver-peak.com


With roots that trace back to 1907, United Community Bank (UCB) is a $2.5 billion bank operating seven bank brands with more than 100 locations, including banks and ATMs, in 33 communities. Headquartered in Chatham, Illinois, UCB is employee-owned and managed, and this local management philosophy and corporate stewardship extend to each of the communities UCB’s banks, employees, and customers call home. Today, the United Community Bank family includes United Community Bank, Brown County State Bank, Golden State Bank, Marine Bank & Trust, Mercantile Bank, Farmers State Bank of Camp Point, and Liberty Bank


Following years of mergers and acquisitions, UCB had a mix of network technologies connecting its remote branch locations with applications and services in a central data center. This complexity was difficult to manage and required manual failover in the event of network brownouts and outages, which was disruptive to banking operations. As the bank continued to expand through M&A, it needed a solution to increase WAN resilience and simplify WAN administrative overhead.


UCB deployed the EdgeConnect platform across all of its 48 branch locations and two data centers in less than three weeks. The bank retired its legacy branch routers and now relies on EdgeConnect as its sole edge device, connecting remote locations to the data center over redundant commercial internet links, leveraging tunnel bonding, path conditioning, QoS, and dynamic path control to optimize application traffic. UCB uses Orchestrator to centrally manage its regional SD-WAN.


  • > Improves performance and reliability for critical bank applications
  • > Assures network uptime with automatic, sub-millisecond link failover
  • > Prioritizes applications with south america map and capitals network resources aligned with the business need
  • > Improves bank employee quality of experience and service to customers
  • > Simplifies network administration with centralized SD-WAN orchestration
  • > Enables rapid rollout of new branch locations, reduced from months to weeks
  • > Delivers a projected full return on investment within three years
Источник: https://www.silver-peak.com/resource-center/customer-success-stories/united-community-bank

Our Support for First United Church (First United Community Ministry Society)

Lynn Valley United is a long-time mission partner with First United in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. Committed at its heart to the struggle for social justice, First United is a place of welcome for united community experiencing homelessness and poverty in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Offering programs of advocacy, housing, healing and hospitality, this community space supports and celebrates the inherent strengths of all people, of all walks of life. More information about their programs can be found at www.firstunited.ca

September 2021

First United is launching a capital campaign for their new building. See firstunited.ca/redevelopment/.


June 2020:

Lynn Valley United Church has had a long rewarding relationship with First United Church in the Downtown Eastside. Recently we have been asked for assistance in reaching out to both the Provincial and Federal Government in two important areas:

To our Provincial Gov’t: To provide long-term supportive housings to all who have no housing;

To our Federal Gov’t: To propose implementation of a Universal Basic Income (also referred to as a Guaranteed Annual Income) for all Canadians Form letters are available – all you need to do is simply add your name and send it off.

Please see attached letter with the link provided below.  

Thank-you for helping those who are so less fortunate than us!


Источник: https://www.lynnvalleychurch.com/our-programs/social-justice-and-outreach/pages/our-support-for-first-united-church-first-united-community-ministry-society

United Community Bank

Bank holding company

United Community Banks, Inc. (NASDAQ: UCBI) is a bank holding company headquartered in Blairsville, Georgia, with executive offices in Greenville, South Carolina. United is one of the largest full-service financial institutions in the Southeast, with $18.6 billion in assets, and 161 offices in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.[1] United Community Bank, United's wholly owned bank subsidiary, specializes in personalized community banking services for individuals, small businesses and companies throughout its geographic footprint, including Florida under the brand Seaside Bank and Trust. Services include a full range of consumer and commercial banking products, including mortgage, advisory, treasury management, and wealth management.

Formed in 1950 as Union County Bank, United has operated on the philosophy of providing exceptional banking service[citation needed] while caring deeply for the communities it serves.[citation needed] This philosophy has fueled the company's growth from a $40 million bank a little more than three decades ago.[citation needed]

United's success[citation needed] comes from its strong,[citation needed] talented[citation needed] and experienced[citation needed] management team, as well as the dynamic growth markets they serve.[citation needed] Its business model includes local bank presidents with an average of 20 years in community banking experience, 90% of which has been in their local markets. Additional information about United Community Banks, Inc. and its full range of services and products can be found at www.ucbi.com.[citation needed]


United offers a full range of consumer and commercial banking products including mortgage services, interest-bearing and non interest-bearing deposits, NOW accounts (Negotiable Order of Withdrawal account), money market accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, and[2] advisory and treasury management services. Through its wholly owned subsidiary Navitas Credit Corp., United also offers equipment lending.


  • H. Lynn Harton, President and chief executive officer
  • Jefferson Harralson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Rob Edwards, Chief Risk Officer
  • Rich Bradshaw, President and Chief Banking Officer


Union County Bank began in 1949 in Blairsville, Georgia, and had $42 million in assets when Jimmy C. Tallent became president in 1984.[3]

United Community Banks was united community in 1987. Union County Bank was acquired in 1988 and became United Community Bank (Georgia) in 1996. Other acquisitions state bank of cross plains jobs Citizens Bank of Murphy, North Carolina which became United Community Bank (North Carolina) in 1990, United Community Bank Towns County in 1992, White County Bank of Cleveland, Georgia (United Community Bank White County) in 1995 and United Community Bank Rabun County in 1997. The North Carolina bank added branches in Andrews, Franklin and Waynesville in 1995.[4][3] With changes in Georgia's banking laws, United Community Bank began opening branches in addition to making acquisitions. United community acquisitions included assets of a bank in Cornelia and First Clayton Bank and Trust in 1997.[3]

In 1999, UCB paid $7.1 million plus other costs for Bank of Adairsville united community Adairsville Bancshares, and also acquired 1st Floyd Bank. Both of these became part of United Community Bank (Georgia) in 2001.[4]

In 2000, North Point Bancshares Inc., Independent Bancshares Inc. and consultant Brintech, Inc. were acquired and Lendmark Financial Services Inc. purchased the consumer finance division.[4]

UCB was listed on Nasdaq in 2002.[3]

In 2003, First Georgia Holding Inc. was acquired for about $42 million, and UCB also acquired First Central Bank of Lenoir City, Tennessee. In 2004, when assets reached $5 billion,[3] acquisitions included Fairbanco Holding Co. for $24.7 million, Eagle National Bank for $12.4 million, Liberty National Bancshares Inc. for $42.5 million.[4]

The first public stock offering came in 2005.[3]

In 2006, Southern National Bank parent Southern Bancorp was acquired for stock valued at $67.8 million and merged into United Community Bank,[4] and two Sylva, North Carolina offices were purchased from First Charter Bank, giving UCB 19 North Carolina locations.[3]

In 2007, First Bank of the South parent Gwinnett Commercial Group was acquired for $222.9 million.[4]

In 2009, UCB purchased assets and most liabilities of Southern Community Bank, with the FDIC paying $31 million.[4]

In 2014, UCB purchased assets of Business Carolina Inc. for $31.3 million.[4]

In 2015, UCB acquired MoneyTree Corporation and its wholly owned bank subsidiary, First National Bank, of Lenoir City, TN.[5]

In 2015, Palmetto Bancshares, Inc. merged with United Community Banks.[4]

On June 27, 2017, Four Oaks Fincorp of Four Oaks, North Carolina, started in 1912, agreed to a $124 million deal which would give United Community Bank 14 more North Carolina branches, twelve of those in the Triangle and an additional $737 million in assets.[6]

In 2018, NLFC Holdings United community. and its wholly owned subsidiary Navitas Credit Corp. were acquired for $130 million.

In July 2020, Three Shores Bancorporation, Orlando, Florida and it's wholly owned subsidiary, Seaside Bank and Trust, was acquired, with full conversion, expected in February, 2021, adding 14 Florida locations to United Community Bank's network.

In January 2021, UCB announced plans to move the corporate headquarters to downtown Greenville, SC for a new $30 million building.[7]

On October 1, 2021, UCB announced the closing of the purchase of Aquesta La food bank jobs Holdings Inc., based in Cornelius, North Carolina, for $131 million in a cash-and-stock deal. The combined bank has $18.6 billion in assets.[8][1]


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1    adj  When people are united about something, they agree about it and act together.  
Every party is united on the need for parliamentary democracy., A united effort is always more effective than an isolated complaint.    

2    adj  United is used to describe a country which has been formed from two or more states or countries.  
.the first elections to be held in a united Germany for fifty eight years.    

3    adj  United is used in the names of countries which are made up from several states or smaller countries.  
ADJ n, in names  
.the United States of America.    

United Kingdom    
The United Kingdom is the official name for the country consisting of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.    n-proper  the N  

United Nations    
The United Nations is an organization which most countries belong to. Its role is to encourage international peace, co-operation, and friendship.    n-proper  the N  

  • toast of the town  n. a popular person in a community
  • Shrubland  n. plant community characterized by vegetation dominated by shrubs
  • Brexit  united community of 'British' (or Britain) and 'exit', term (initially) designating the potential departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union and since approved following a referendum on june 2016

    Ex: following the general referendum on june 2016, the "leave" side in favour of Brexit won with 51.9% of the vote against 48.1% for the "remain" side.

  • cash mob  n. a group of people who decide to meet and make purchases at a local business. The aim is both to support it and to meet up with the community.

    Inspired by the phenomenon of flash mobs, which refers to groups of people mobilized by social media to perform entertaining or unusual acts in public, such as choreographies

  • UNESCO  n. abbr. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations. UNESCO.org en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNESCO

    Its mission is to contribute to the building of peace,the eradication of poverty,sustainable development and intercultural dialogue through education,the sciences,culture,communication and information

  • UNICEF  n. United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund works for children's rights, their survival, development and protection, guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in developing countries.

    UNICEF is one of the members of the United Nations Development Group and its Executive Committee. United community to help UNICEF meet the urgent needs of children. unicef.org en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UNICEF


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Building a prosperous and united community



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‘Building a Prosperous and United Community’ sets out a range of measures to help rebalance the Northern Ireland economy and drive investment, jobs and growth. It also underpins efforts to tackle community divisions and build a genuinely shared future for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Signed in Downing Street on the 14 June 2013 by the Prime Minister, Northern Ireland Secretary and the First and deputy First Minsters, it demonstrates the UK Government and Executive’s shared commitment to help Northern Ireland fulfil its economic potential and ensure lasting peace and prosperity.

The pact is designed to complement measures proposed by the First and deputy First Minister in ‘Together: Building a United Community’, including on developing youth placements, increasing edmond public schools chromebook schools and housing, and the ten year plan to eliminate so-called peace walls.

Published 14 June 2013

Источник: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/building-a-prosperous-and-united-community

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